Sausage, the Famous Greek Riot Dog

sausage dog greece riot

Sausage sticks it to The Man - REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Sausage dog greece

Viva la Sausage!

Sausage the Greek Riot Dog – While the Greek economy comes apart at the seems, most dogs still prefer to leave the drama to humans. All, that is, except “Sausage the riot dog.”

Sausage (or “Loukanikos”) has been a part of every protest in Syntagma Square (central Athens) for years now, and has become a celebrity in Greece and abroad. When people took to the street yesterday to protest the latest government cuts, Sausage was at the front lines again, barking at police, and disrupting their attempts to hit protesters with batons.

sausage riot dog bark

don't tase me bro!

Interestingly, although Greeks are up to their necks in economic problems, they still serve as an inspiration to much of the world in their handling of stray dogs. In Greece, stray dogs are not euthanized, or left to rot in tiny city kennels. They are neutered, given vaccines, and even microchipped. All 2000 or so of them wear collars and tags, making them easy to identify.

sausage riot dog

Greek hero

After such humane treatment, it is fitting that a stray dog like Sausage has become a symbol of freedom in Greece. Let’s hope that Athen’s financial crisis doesn’t lead to an end to their inspirational stray dog program*

Update: I see evidence that the program might not be as successful as I had initially heard. It looks like Greece has their share of problems with stray dogs, and cruelty against them from city residents. Maybe dogs like Sausage will help them gain respect.


12 thoughts on “Sausage, the Famous Greek Riot Dog

  1. adam

    bad article, go to this website for some true insight into the greek peoples treatment of dogs, cats etc.

  2. Michael Belk

    That is an awesome dog, they were brilliant to use man’s best friend against the police because they often use them against protesters. I like how the dog looks like he is patrolling looking for any sign of discord. Good job at least letting us know about the dog. The media never mentioned the dog.

  3. Sausage

    Articles not bad. But I would have talked more about how my legs are so fit and my fur is golden and super soft. But hey, what can ya do.


  4. adam

    Article was fine apart from the misinformation in paragraph 3.
    Anyway, my heart is with Loukanikos and the Greek peoples fight against tyranny and oppression.

  5. Brian

    That is so funny that he has been through all these riots through out the years. Good for him.
    That definitely is a different way to deal with stray dogs, I can definitely see the pros and cons with that system. Great article.


  6. wayne

    That’s funny. A dog participates in Greece riot. Never heard such a thing before. If I travel to Greek, I will go to that suqare. Special dog

  7. Michelle

    While I find that Sausage is a great symbol of freedom I can’t help but worry that he will be killed or injured in this mess. I wish someone would just take him home!

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