Paris Hilton Orders Filet Mignon for Stray Dog

paris hilton stray dog

Paris Hilton orders filet mignon for a stray dog

While on vacation in Bali this week, heiress Paris Hilton ordered a filet mignon dinner (reportedly costing about $75) for a hungry stray dog outside the restaurant where she was dining.

She later tweeted, “Saw a starving stray dog on the beach of the restaurant… Made me so sad. So we ordered him a filet mignon, he loved it!”

She later added, “The cruel treatment of these stray dogs has upset me so much I can’t sleep. I’m researching the internet to see what I can do to help.”

Well, even though she got some great press for her $75, I doubt that it was just a publicity stunt. Regardless of your opinions of Paris, you can’t argue with the fact that she made the stray dog happy w/ a tasty steak dinner!

photo courtesy of Paris Hilton

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17 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Orders Filet Mignon for Stray Dog

  1. audrey hagar

    Heres what can be done-just a vote can save so many from suffering of dogs in shelters and on streets

  2. Kate

    Knowing Paris, this just seems like a show of wealth. Either way, I hope she can use her money on a larger scale to help more stray dogs!-
    Kate & Clementine

  3. Growly-growl

    She might be “the girl you love to hate” but if she loves animals she can’t be all bad! Good for her. Maybe she has found her niche.

  4. cathy

    I’m not one for giving people credit for being famous because their famous, but I find this a sweet thing to do. I’ve found myself ordering meals for the odd stray dog while on vacation. I don’t think I’m the only one, these strays seem to have very good manners, and look fairly well fed

  5. JillyT

    Nice of her to buy an expensive meal for the dog, but wouldn’t it have been better for her to use her money to rescue the dog, get it cleaned up at the vet, and use her celebrity to help it find a new home?

  6. Paul

    We visited Bali Dog rescue and gave donations of money and medical supplies… we read in a magazine how Paris said she wanted to help Bali dogs, but all she managed to do was tweet about how compassionate she was, and even after being tweeted/asked to go and visit Bali Dog Rescue shelter, she didn’t bother to even visit or donate! :C We have been feeding street dogs in Bali whilst here on holidays every night, but i guess because we’re not famous….its no big deal!

    Paris, How about putting money behind your words and live up to you compassionate persona you portray!!

  7. Escuela

    – One of my favorite girls all grown up what a beaufitul young woman you have become! I remember your smiling face in my 3rd grade classroom as if it were yesterday. It is hard to believe you will be graduating in a month!

  8. Birce

    Lori Holland – Jordan, you look gorgeous!! I love the pciutre of you leaning against the pink wall, playing with your hair. It is fabulous!! Looks like you had a great time.

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