Celebrity Fashion Threatens Native Dog Breeds

paris hilton chihuahua

paris hilton w/ chihuahua

Native UK Dog Breeds at Risk – Well, maybe it’s not as dramatic as Noah choosing which species would survive the great flood, but it’s a trend that would certainly make Darwin lift an eyebrow.

According to recent Kennel Club statistics, Britain’s native dog breeds at now at risk in part because demand has shifted to more fashionable breeds showcased by celebrities.

25 dog breeds including the formerly popular English Setter (England’s oldest dog breed) are now considered vulnerable (extinction risk) because of low registration numbers.  Registrations for English Setters have dropped by a third since last year, (only 234 registrations in 2011) while registrations for breeds like the Chihuahua have increased by a quarter.

cardigan welsh corgi puppy

cardigan welsh corgi puppy

This demand for celebrity dogs can also give breeds whose numbers are dwindling a boost. Consider the fact that registrations for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi (a favorite of the Royal Family) soared by over 130% after the Royal Wedding in 2011, enabling the breed to be taken off the vulnerable list. (let’s hope they are still cared for in a few years)

In a related twist, I couldn’t help but notice another headline in today’s news: Sumatran Elephants close to extinction. Maybe we could get Paris Hilton to walk an elephant down Rodeo drive, causing THEIR numbers to rebound!

More: View BBC video: UK Native Dog Breeds at Risk (2:34)

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8 thoughts on “Celebrity Fashion Threatens Native Dog Breeds

  1. TextaPet

    Nice article. So funny how the celebs and royals are able to dictate the public’s interest in certain dog breeds. It is totally a status symbol thing. Maybe we need people to make their own cute pup a celeb of their own! TextaPet could help?? 🙂

  2. karen

    I can heartily recommend the Irish Setter. That is, if you have an active lifestyle. They’re generally very gentle and they’re one of the most beautiful breeds to see, i.m.o. But adopting an elephant may be an option, too 😉

  3. Doggie Diva

    Wow, I didn’t know dogs breeds really go extinct. I will be looking for another dog eventually and this will make me think about what type of breed to buy. Maybe I can help save one, who knows! There are so many of the designer breeds I guess eventually the old breeds will die off. Thanks for the story, it was really informative.

  4. Shannon's Pet-Sitting

    This really worries me because we’ve seen it increase the numbers of the breeds but with that comes people adopting or buying the dogs not knowing the breed traits! Then they get the dogs, and it doesn’t work out! The dogs end up in the shelters!! Its exactly what happened when Disney released 101 Dalmatians with Glenn Close! So many Dalmatians ended up in shelters! A friend of mine adopted one with 2 little kids – 2 years later & baby #3 the dog had to go! She wasn’t getting the exercise she needed or the attention. “She was too hyper”. We need the celebrates pushing the shelter dogs – not the pure breeds!!!

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