The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, Brings His Dog on a Date

ben flajnik dog

Ben Flajnik with his dog & date, Courtney

ben flajnik dog

Ben Flajnik's dog, Scotch

Ben Flajnik, aka “The Bachelor,” was happy to bring his dog on a date in his hometown of Sonoma, California. Apparently his dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named, “Scotch,” (why would a winemaker name his dog, Scotch!?) approved of date Courtney Robertson, but did begin to howl as Flajnik moved in for a kiss. “You’re ruining the moment, Buddy,” he replied to the dog.

When Courtney, a model, mentioned that Scotch was heavier than he looked, Ben replied, “He’s a little over 20 pounds… When he stays at Grandma’s house, he puts on a few lb’s.”

We’re hoping that Flajnik brings his dog on more dates, as no one is a better judge of true character than a dog!

You can watch Scotch accompany Ben on his date below:



5 thoughts on “The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, Brings His Dog on a Date

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  2. Dog Carriers

    That dog so didn’t like that girl, it’s so funny how dogs just know these things. If you follow the show as I do, I would put money on her turning into the crazy one and the one that is so bad for Ben. She just seems like she want the fame and attention and that is all. She seems really fake to me and the Jack Russle totally sensed it!

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