Rumer Willis Adopts Puppy From Walmart Parking Lot

rumer willis dog

Rumer brings home stray puppy

The second of the two puppies found in the Walmart parking lot (the first, Happy, was adopted by Miley Cyrus) was just adopted by Rumer Willis.

“So happy she and her bro Happy can play together,” she tweeted. She also recently asked her fans on Twitter to help her name the dog.

The unnamed beagle-rottweiler puppy joins four other dogs in Rumer’s house, and she added, “we are crazy but I love it haha… Big happy family with 4… Going on 5 dogs!”

Good luck to Rumer and her puppy. I think these recent Walmart puppy adoptions are going to cause a lot of people to consider adopting (and not buying) a puppy themselves.


7 thoughts on “Rumer Willis Adopts Puppy From Walmart Parking Lot

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  2. Pet Supplies UK

    It’s great that a lot of celebrities are adopting instead of buying from pet shops as they serve as good examples to the rest of us. If we all go for rescuing and adopting, puppy mills should be out of business!

  3. Gracie

    It’s great to see these celebrities taking the dogs into their lives and hearts. It is a hope of mine that every dog can find a good home. Remember to spay and neuter your pets!

  4. DogTV

    So great! We wish we could adopt all of the dogs that don’t have homes! They would all be able to enjoy DOGTV as well.

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