Stupid Alabama Fan Dyes Their Smart Dog

alabama crimson tide dog

Dying to be cool? I realize that people get really excited about college football, but this recent photo of a dog that has been dyed in the colors and logo of Alabama’s Crimson Tide is awful.

I think the irony here is that poodles are ranked as one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, so I’m sure that this dog isn’t pleased with what their stupid owner did to them. The dog probably won’t appreciate being laughed at wherever it goes, and I’m sure it will turn pink in a week or two when that color fades.

Roll Tide? How about just putting an Alabama t-shirt on your dog next time… Jeez.


12 thoughts on “Stupid Alabama Fan Dyes Their Smart Dog

  1. Shireen Mussa

    This is terrible! people should be caring for their dogs not using them like this. Poor poodle. It makes you wonder if someone can do this physically to their dog, do they take the time to feed their dog nutritional food and care for their well being. Bark Bites knows whats good for your dog!!!!!

  2. Amanda

    Are you kidding? You think the dog even knows that it is dyed? Yes, Standard Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds, but I’m sure it doesn’t know that it is dyed and clipped to represent a football team. The only thing this dog knows, is that it is getting PLENTY of attention, and is obviously very well loved. Besides, not just anyone can do this kind of grooming. It takes a lot of skill. That A logo is hand-scissored. Creative grooming is an art form that deserves appreciation and respect. To respond to the comment above, whoever paid top dollar to get this dog groomed to represent their favorite team most definitely feeds their dog well. Also note how HAPPY this dog looks. You guys are crazy for putting this down. I think it’s great.

  3. Ann

    Oh please!! It’s just hair! Yes, not fur but HAIR. Poodles are famous because its hair allows it to be styled in many ways. It will get lots of love and attention.

  4. mark jenner

    I can’t decide if I like this or not! On the one hand, I think it’s ridiculous looking to make your dog look like that, not at all natural and I find myself feeling sorry for the dogs that have this done to them. But on the other hand…Amanda nailed it. Does the dog even know? It looks happy etc.

    I’d rather people didn’t do this to their dogs, but not sure why i think that way now I think about it. It’s a tough one.

  5. Kate Porter

    Hey Kevin
    I am agree with Mark Jenner. The owner of dog has done such a ridiculous thing. How can anyone do this with their dog if they know it they are sensitive too. They need care, not this kind of experiment.

  6. Pami

    What a dumb person to do this to their poodle. The Dog should be taking away and place with someone that needs a service dog. put that person in jail for 18 months for what they did and after they get out of jail. Do the same thing to their hair as they did to their poodle and see how they like it. And they can’t cut it of, why, because they have community service for 600 hours they just have to let it grow out. No cutting hair.

  7. Zuby Majeed

    This is something worst that an owner could do to his poodle . Something really disgusting to dye it’s hair for one’s own vented interest in order to grab the attention of crowd. They need love and care, ofcourse not this experiment.

  8. Ruan

    How crazy is that! I can’t believe people have dogs as pets for other reasons other than being an animal, loved by humans. I mean grooming is loved by most pets…but a hair do? I think not…

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