Miley Cyrus’ Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee

miley cyrus dog tattoo

Miley Cyrus Gets a Prison-Quality Tattoo of her dog – That crazy Miley is at it again with another questionable decision, this time getting a poor-quality tattoo of her late dog, Floyd under her left arm. (Floyd was unfortunately killed by a coyote a few weeks ago)

Yes, it says, “With a little help from my fwends”

You know, everyone with a facebook account is going to rant about this, so I really don’t know what else to say. I usually try to give celebrities the benefit of the doubt, as the internet is always full of haters, but this is just so bad.

Apparently she got the tattoo at a house party in L.A., along with Wayne Coyne (leader of the band, The Flaming Lips) who also got a matching dog tattoo.

Ok, Miley; let’s look at this “glass-half full.” You didn’t decide to marry Charlie Sheen yet, right? That’s something. Let’s run with that.

miley cyrus getting dog tattoo

The new title of this post is, “Even though Miley DID get an awful tattoo of her dog, she made the prudent decision NOT to marry Charlie Sheen yet.”

Come on, Billy Ray. This all goes back to you, buddy. This tattoo artist’s line-work is on par with your parenting skills.


9 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus’ Prison-Quality Dog Tattoo: I Just Spit Out My Coffee

  1. Eon Mckenzie

    I was sorry to hear that Miley’s dog Floyd was killed by a coyote.I can understand why she got the tattoo.Sometimes when you suffer such
    a great loss in your life you want ease your pain by doing something to
    honor your love one

  2. Brent

    I hated on her for years assuming she was a selfish, shallow c*nt.
    Turns out she has a good heart (or developed one along the way) so I won’t be hating on her any more.

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