most expensive dog wedding ever

Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records

expensive dog weddingThe Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever occurred last year between Baby Hope Diamond (a Coton de Tulear, right) and Chilly Pasternak (a poodle, left) to take the Guiness Book of World Records spot for the most expensive pet wedding ever at over $250k.

The dog wedding took place at the Jumeriah Essex House Hotel in NC’s Central Park, organized by a celebrity wedding planner featured: $30,000 of flowers, a $6000 dog wedding gown, $5000 sushi spread, a $15,000 band. The ceremony was officiated by Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

Attendees included Kanye West, Betty White, and Barbara Walters.

dog wedding

Most expensive dog wedding in history

My initial reaction of disgust at this event quickly dissolved when I read that the wedding was organized by animal rescue advocate Wendy Diamond, founder of Animal Fair magazine. Basically, all of the wedding’s lavish goods and services were donated, with proceeds all going to the Humane Society of New York.

OK, so this was a just a fun and creative way to raise money for dogs; good work! I’ll save any disgust for when the Kardashians have their dogs marry, and break this record.

expensive dog wedding


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5 thoughts on “Most Expensive Dog Wedding Ever: Guinness Book of World Records

  1. christine

    I have to admit when I first saw this , that it was too much, but by the time I finished reading I was very pleased that all was donated and the proceeds to the Humane Society
    thanks for sharing this fun event

  2. Shawncowwen

    This is just so amazing. I have never heard of this before, but I loved the idea of wedding. They both look so pretty and their dresses are amazing.

  3. Petter

    Wow… They’re so cute! Why not give them the best things in life too for being our best companion. 🙂 Best wishes! 😀

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