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5 of the Best Dog Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

The Best Dogs on Twitter You Should Follow – If you are having a bad day and need something to put a smile on your face when all else is lost, there is no better antidote than scrolling through your timeline to see a dog doing something silly. No matter how cold-hearted you are, you cannot help but feel warm inside!

Whether it is a furry friend dressed up in seasonal costume, doing something rather daft or just simply looking downright cute, any post on dogs gets a like from us! So, just in case you are at a loss as to which pooch-related accounts to follow, we have compiled our list of favourites for your perusal.


The world famous Pomeranian that has taken the social media world by storm, Jiffpom is an absolute must follow for any serious dog lover. While you may never see him grace the famous artificial turf at Crufts, with over 23 million followers across all social media channels, Jiffpom doesn’t need a trophy to be told he is the best in show!

What are you waiting for? Get following!


With over 8 million followers and counting, this is one of the most popular animal accounts anywhere on cyberspace. Pictures of dogs make up the main crux of the posts, while other loveable animals such as cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and more also make appearances.

Be careful not to scroll through Cute Emergency’s account whilst at work, because you’ll only end up looking at the clock to find you have spent the entire day looking through endless posts of pets. Some might say that is a day well spent, but we doubt that your boss is one of those people.


Love dogs? Love memes? Love memes with dogs? Then you are going to absolutely love this account! Cuteness and comedy all rolled into one, providing you with hours upon hours of procrastination material.
We cannot think of anything better to pop up on your Twitter timeline when life is getting the better of you.


If you need any other reason than the name alone to follow this account, then how about if we told you that this fun-loving dog comes with his younger sibling @LaylaChihuahua? It’s two for the price of one and, with James one for posting pictures of himself enjoying life, you cannot help but smile.

At 16 years young, this international hound dog of history is still going strong and long may it continue!


This Shih Tzu is a brand in its own right and, after spending a couple of minutes looking through Marnie’s account, it is easy to see why. With merchandise such as t-shirts and books adorned with this pooch’s fluffy face, you may have just found the perfect gift for a loved one.

If you are yet to follow any of the above Twitter accounts, then what are you doing? Treat your timeline and make sure to subscribe to these wonderful accounts for endless aww-ing.

Oh, and if cats are your thing, check out the wisdom of Chairman Meow.