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5 Essential Things to Include in a Pet Travel Kit

Traveling with your pet is a great experience. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with each other and have fun seeing new places. However, it is something that you have to prepare for because pets such as dogs have special needs, and you need to take into consideration their utmost safety and comfort in your decision-making.

Whether you are bringing your dog with you on vacation or you are transporting him for practical reasons, being prepared means having a dedicated travel kit for your pet. You can keep this kit handy and ready for any last-minute decisions to hit the road. It saves a lot of time and helps you prevent leaving any essential items behind.

Here are the 5 things that your dog’s travel kit should contain:

Collar & Leash

These are important because they serve as your pet’s form of identification in case he gets lost. Make sure his name and your contact information are clearly indicated on his dog tag, and that the tag is securely attached to the collar. A personalized dog collar is also a nice way to establish ownership of your dog. For added convenience, it is also a great idea to keep a separate collar and leash set for travel, apart from the one your pet has for daily use at home.

Food & Water

Your dog should never go hungry when you are travelling. Make sure to pack enough food and water to last the trip. Don’t forget other foodstuff like his favorite treats or nibbles. Always keep food neatly packed in clean, airtight containers to avoid spoilage and keep water in a sealed bottle to prevent leakage – you don’t want to make a mess and add it to your worries while traveling.

Dog Bed or Carrier

Your dog should have a safe, warm, and comfortable place to stay and sleep in while away from home. Bring along his own bed or carrier, preferably one that folds up compactly for easier use while traveling. Alternatively, bring at least his favorite pillow or blanket, which can help him feel relaxed when staying in unfamiliar surroundings.

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Identification Records and Papers

Is your dog microchipped?

Even so, you should always have a copy of your dog’s records such as his registration, identification papers, and other documents such as his vaccination records and other medical history. These will come in handy just in case he gets separated from you, or if he encounters a health problem and you need to bring him to a local veterinarian. Keep a recent photo of your pet along with these records, or you can simply snap a pic on your phone to keep it handy.

Other Personal Items

Pack other essential things that your dog needs to feel safe and comfortable, such as his favorite toy. If you will be away for a long period of time, don’t forget to bring his towel, doggie shampoo, and other grooming accessories in case you need to give him a bath. Include other supplies like emergency medication, diapers, and underpads for house breaking in a new place, etc.

Misc: One of our dogs has seasonal allergies, so we make sure to carry a few allergy pills with us on a trip in the Spring or Summer!

Travel time with your pet

Most importantly, keep in mind how pet-friendly your destination will be. If you think your dog will have a difficult time due to the length of travel or the harsh local climate, it might be best not to bring him along. Does your dog get anxiety? If you will be travelling for an extended period of time without your pet, be sure to leave him with a trusted neighbor or caregiver—your pet travel kit will still come in handy in these instances.

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