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5 Critical Things People Forget to Take When Hiking with Dogs

Hiking is an amazing way to connect with nature and with your dog. This simple exercise of strolling amidst nature away from the incessant barrage of notifications is gratifying, to say the least. A lot of people simply head off to a nearby hiking trail with their dogs without much thought. They pack the usual stuff such as food, water, and tent, but often forget a few very important things. These items are geared towards making the hike more enjoyable and safe for your dog. None of these items should be considered a luxury or optional. Each and every one of them is vital for any hiking trip, irrespective of duration and location. Without delay, following are 5 critical items people forget when hiking with dogs.

Dog Hiking Shoes:

Most pet dogs who are new to hiking face a difficult time walking for hours on gravelly paths and rough jungle trails. There is also the risk of them getting seriously injured if the accidentally step on something pointy or sharp. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of the wilderness with an injured pet. Be sure to pick out hiking boots for dogs. A lot of fancy dog shoes are for regular walks around the block and are thus not suited for hiking. It’s also a good idea to get your dog used to the shoes before the journey. This way you know for sure that the shoe fits well and is comfortable.

Flea and Tick Collar:

Forests areas provide a thriving atmosphere for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. These pesky bloodsuckers are more than just a nuisance. In fact, some of these parasites found in the wild may be carriers of deadly vector-borne diseases. For example, ticks found in the woods in America are often carriers of Lyme disease, which can lead to death in dogs. The simplest solution to all of these is a good quality flea and tick collar. We also recommend buying a product from a reputed manufacturer. Get something like the Flea Ticks Seresto Dogs collar, which protects your pet from fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and other insects.

Microchip and Regular ID Tag:

This again is a hiking necessity. Fit your dog’s collar with a regular identification tag. As recommended by a lot of pet experts and vets, it’s also important to microchip your dog by taking it to a vet’s clinic. This microchip will contain your contact information in case you get separated from your pet.

Portable Water Purifier:

While most people carry water bladders for hiking, they often forget to bring along a water purification unit. This simple gadget allows you to make water collected from streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes into safe drinking water for you and your dog. This again is not a luxury. Running out of water is a very real threat especially when you are traveling with your dog. This simple gadget can potentially save lives if things go wrong.

Strong and Long Leash:

A regular leash is often not suited for hiking. You need a durable leash that can withstand hours of tugs and vigorous pulls. It also makes sense to buy a long leash, because you want to give your dog a bit of freedom when out in the open.

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  1. Tammy

    Are dog shoes REALLY necessary? It seems so unnatural… then again I guess if you’re taking them places a dog wouldn’t naturally go it makes sense. Or if you’re walking them on pavement when it’s really hot out, then it definitely makes sense.

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