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How to Dog-Proof Furniture (and Avoid Doggie Destruction!)

Here at Celebrity Dog Watcher, we think pets may as well count as people. Unfortunately, our beloved furry companions can often be more destructive than your average family member (we hope).

According to Home Advisor, should a pet ruin your furniture, you can expect to pay between $170 and $442 for furniture repair. Of course, that’s assuming the damage is surface level.

If that made you cringe, it gets worse. Deeper damage is going to cost even more, with some fabrics costing as much as $70 per yard.

Protect your couch and pocketbook with these tips on how to dog proof furniture.

Establish What Furniture Is And Isn’t Allowed


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You, as an owner, have an important decision to make: Is it even worth letting your dog on your furniture?

Don’t feel bad if you’re uncomfortable allowing your pets on the couch. It doesn’t make you a bad owner, it just means you have a healthy concern for your possessions.

While it’s a valid option, do note that you’re going to have to train them early and often not to jump up on your furniture.

Keep It Clean

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that you’re willing to let your beloved dog up on the furniture. Hooray! More snuggle time.

Unfortunately, it also means you’ll need to be consistent about your cleaning habits, especially if your pet tends to shed. Breeds like huskies, corgis, and sheepdogs tend to shed their coats in clumps. If you’re not persistent about cleaning, the oils from their fur can damage your furniture.

Spend a few minutes once per week or so to clean out your furniture and remove any fur stubborn hidden fur.

Consider Coverage

Alright, maybe a plastic couch cover doesn’t sound the most welcoming thing in the world. But hey, they’re practical. While furniture covers aren’t always comfortable or stylish, they serve an important purpose.

And don’t forget that you can grab covers for more than couches and sofas, as well.

Websites like specialize in luxurious pet furniture protectors for your car, so your pet will be even cozier when they go hiking with you. Plus, they offer free shipping so you can use those leftover funds for more treats!

Grab Your Dog Furniture Of Their Own

Sometimes the best course of action is simply to get your dog some furniture of their own. You can pick up dog beds at any local pet store as well as most big box stores.

Again, it may take some training to get your dog used to their new bed, but giving them a soft place to lay their head can keep them away from your expensive leather sofa.

Keep Your Furniture Looking Good With These Dog Proof Furniture Tips

Cuddling on the couch with your pup can be a fun, relaxing bonding experience. But make sure you remember what you’ve learned today about how to dog proof furniture, or you could end up paying a small fortune for repairs or replacements.

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