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New Puppy Preparation: How to Get Your House Ready

Are you adding a furry new member to the family? Like when you have a baby, your house needs preparation to ensure its safe for the little one.

Puppies have a knack for destroying chair legs and peeing on the carpet. Is your house safe?

You can prevent mishaps like these by putting some solutions in place. Reduce accidents and destruction by using the following puppy preparation tips.

Choose a Puppy Zone

Where will you allow the puppy to roam? It’s best to quarter off an area for the pup to explore and catch its bearings.

Allowing your new dog to have free reign over the house isn’t a great idea. As a puppy, they have very little control over their bladders. They also have strong urges to teethe and chew things.

Choose a floor of the house or a couple rooms the pup can be in. Put up baby gates to prevent them from going elsewhere. Make sure there are no small objects your puppy can eat or choke on.

Prepare Their Sleeping Space

It’s best to get your puppy used to sleeping by themselves right away. Yes, it’s tempting to cuddle with them in your bed all night. But, when you wake up in dog urine, you’ll regret it.

Crate training is an awesome way to give your pup a space of their own. They’ll feel safe and secure in their personal crate. It doesn’t have to be a punishment for them.

When you pick up your adopted puppy through Puppy Joy, put them in the crate on the drive home. Add some fluffy blankets to make it comfortable. Every night get them accustomed to sleeping in the crate.

Pick a Potty Spot

Puppies don’t know how to tell you they need to go outside. They barely know the signals that tell them they need to go to the bathroom. So, for the first little while, use puppy pads.

Place the pads in the same place every time. It can be really helpful to place them near a door. That way you can train them to go outside as soon as they’re ready.

Dogs benefit from having a bathroom routine. When they wake up and before bed, they should go outside. If they know they’ll be going outside soon, they’ll learn the ability to wait until then.

Provide Lots of Toys

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Puppies have personalities just like humans. Some prefer tug toys over stuffies. Others like bones instead of squeaky toys.

Before your pup comes home, buy a variety of toys. These will keep them entertained. And, they’ll prevent them from chewing on your furniture.

Eventually, you’ll know your dog’s personality and can buy the type of toys they like.

Interested in Learning More Puppy Preparation Tips?

Adopting a new furry family member takes a lot of work. Besides choosing the right dog for you, you have to prepare your house.

Use the puppy preparation tips above to ease your pup’s transition into your space. With the right boundaries and routines, your house will remain unchewed and clean.

Doing your research on taking care of a puppy shows you’ll be a great owner. Don’t hesitate to learn how to bathe a puppy, train them, and socialize them. The more you know and teach them, the better a dog they’ll be!