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7 Rabbit Care Tips: Make Your Pet Feel Like Some Bunny Special

It’s estimated that there are anywhere from three to seven million rabbits living in the United States as pets. And, of course, there are a lot more out there living in the wild.

If you’re thinking of adding yourself to these lucky ranks, you’ll need to learn some rabbit care tips. Once you see what goes into the care and taking of a bunny, you can make your little one have the happiest life a bunny could live.

Rabbit Care Tips to Keep Your Bunny in Top Shape

If you’re a new rabbit owner or are considering getting a bunny, there are some things to learn about how to keep your little guy as happy as can be. It’s not quite the same as caring for a cat or a dog. The more you can learn, the better rabbit owner you will be.

Make Your Litterbox Bun Friendly

Yep, bunnies can use the litterbox. They can be trained to use it just as a dog can, but some litters can be toxic for your rabbit.

Make sure that the litter your furry friend is using is not pine or cedar based. These can cause liver damage. Deodorant crystals in some litter can harm your bunny’s fragile system.

Opt for litter made from recycled paper. You can also use alfalfa based litters to help absorb waste and keep your bunny safe.

You can add hay that your bunny would normally eat to your litter box as well. They tend to spend some time hanging out in their litter box, and the hay helps absorb waste that they can munch at the same time.

Don’t Make It Hot

You’ve probably petted your bunny and thought about how soft their fur feels. You might not realize how much they can overheat because of how thick their fur actually is.

If it’s very warm and you leave your bunny outside, take him temporarily inside to avoid overheating. Overheating is a number one cause of death in rabbits. Freeze a water bottle for your guy to hang out next to in the hot months to help keep his body temperature down.

Let Them Have Their Space

Keeping your bunny cooped up in their cage will make them one sad little guy. When he’s got enough space to play, he’ll run around and show you he’s happy by doing binkies.

Let your rabbit explore their space gradually. They’ll familiarize themselves with their area gradually, and start to feel comfortable over time.

Bunny-Proof Your House

Your bun loves to eat headphones. And he loves to eat electrical chords. And anything he can get his little bunny teeth on.

This can be very dangerous for your little guy. Don’t leave live chords or wires lying around, because he can run the risk of getting electrocuted. Cover anything up that can be chewed with tape that their teeth can’t chew through.

Their teeth are very sharp, so you might need to look into thick plastic options.

They Don’t Just Want Carrots

Rabbits do indeed like carrots. But it’s not the only thing they’re keen on eating.

Giving your bun a variety of food to eat is an important step in keeping them healthy. In addition to pellets, you should be giving them fresh veggies and fruits every day.

You can test to see what your bunny likes the most. Perhaps carrots will actually be his favorite. Some rabbits have more of a sweet tooth, and love eating dried pineapple as a treat.

It all depends on your bunny. They have individual tastes and likes. You can have fun seeing what yours likes the best.

They Don’t Get Allergic Smelling Hay

Your rabbit needs hay in their diet. It’s supposed to make up about 80 percent of the food they eat.

Timothy hay for rabbits is an important way that they can get all the nutrients they need. Oat hay, alfalfa hay, and other types of hay can all be given to your bunny Again, you can test to identify the hay they like best.

Build Your Relationship

Your bunny is a naturally curious, but sometimes shy little creature. It can take up to a few months for your bun to get used to new people and new surroundings.

To make your bunny as comfortable as you can, you must put in a deliberate effort. Lie down on the floor with your rabbit and be gentle with him. You can give him toys like wooden blocks, plastic keys, and cups to nibble on and toss with his mouth.

You’re big, and your rabbit is small. It seems obvious, but you need to get down to his level and not be too loud, because their ears are highly sensitive to sound.

Giving your rabbits treats helps him develop a bond with you. Feed him apples or oats, a sweet treat that he’ll appreciate.

Bunnies absolutely love physical affection when they feel comfortable enough to trust you. You can pet and snuggle your bun, and it’s likely that he’ll snuggle you back. Most bunnies don’t like to be held, though, so keep that in mind when you’re handling your little guy.

Consult the Experts

After reading these rabbit care tips, you might know a lot more about how to take care of your bunny. But someone who is a trained veterinarian is always going to know more. If there’s something pressing that you need to know about your bun, don’t leave it up to you.

Consult an expert if you think there is a problem with your bunny. Other than that, you can focus on giving them the best care possible so that they can live a long and happy life.

Since caring for a bunny isn’t always cheap, you might be on the hunt for coupons. Luckily for you, you can find them online. All the best with your bunny!