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4 Tips to Caring for a Small Dog

The most common reaction when people see a small dog is, “how adorable”, and they are. This might motivate you to get one yourself. Before investing in a small dog, it is essential to note that the care of a small dog is different from that given to a big one. For example, the attention given to a Rottweiler that weighs 110 lbs is different from the care of a Chihuahua.

Create a conducive environment for the small dog

It is vital for you to bring yourself to the level of the small dog. Look at the area and ask yourself if you would be overwhelmed by the space if you were as small as the dog. Remember, that water dish may seem close enough for a big pet to reach but miles away in a small pet’s world. How high will your Pomeranian need to jump to get to the sofa if he wants a cuddle? Taking a moment to imagine the movement of a small pet will make you more conscious of the little struggles they may experience that you may easily overlook.

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Regular feeding and vet visits

The quality of a meal that a pet has determines how happy and healthy he will be. It is essential to note that a small dog needs less food than a big one. However, small dogs expend energy faster than big ones because they have a more significant surface area per kilogram. They also tend to have more energy.

Moving around the house can be exhausting for small dogs. For example, if you and your neighbor take your dogs for a walk at the same time and cover the same distance, his labrador may take 100 steps to cover the distance. However, your maltese may take 400 steps.

Further since small pets use more energy, they tend to get cold faster. If you are not sure about the calorie intake of your small pet and are worried about overfeeding him, Shuler Veterinary Clinic in Mt Pleasant provides an excellent insight on how to feed your little dog without risking obesity.

Plenty of small toys

Small dogs enjoy playing around. Getting them a small toy will make their stay with you more fun for them and keep them active. Regardless of whether you have a small rabbit or a dog for a pet, they need to remain active when you cannot play with them. Besides keeping them engaged, toys play an essential role in the mental health of the pet. Small toys also give you different ways to bond with your pet.

Little dogs need Regular grooming

Grooming is not just for big pets, the little ones also need to have their fur brushed and nails clipped. It is essential to find out the grooming needs of your small pet when you first come into contact with him or her. The hygiene of the dog’s sleep area also needs to be considered. Whether your dog stays in a cage or it lies on a mat, the area needs to be kept clean and warm.

The advantage of having a small dog is that they require very little space. It doesn’t take much to guarantee comfort in a small area. With the right care, your little dog will be happy and satisfied.

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