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4 Tips for Using an Automatic Cat Litter Box

An automatic cat litter box or a self-cleaning box is a necessary tool for people with cats. It provides an appropriate place, which is private, for dumping waste-whether urine or feces- for the cat.

The owner can enjoy numerous benefits with it since he or she does not have to touch the cat’s waste when emptying it, especially if it freaks you out. Since they are automatic, they contain a receptacle that holds large amounts of the trash for a specified time.

However, for some, the automatic version may be a new phenomenon to them. Therefore, how do you use it? The following four tips could be helpful to anyone.

1. Place it in a private place

Cats have an instinct in them that loves privacy. It is rare to see it urinate or “do their business” when others are watching.

Usually, the cat will look for a hidden spot, and eliminate the waste there. Since it may be difficult to potty train the animal, it may call for the litter box. Once you purchase it, be sure to place it in a location where there is low traffic; otherwise, it will look for other alternatives.

Be assured that the cat will head to that direction every time it feels the need. By the way, some self-cleaning litter boxes have night-lights, which make it easy for the cat to locate it in the dark.

2. Introduce the cat to it

Once you have a sweet spot, your work is to introduce your pet to the new litter box. You can do the following things to prevent you from frightening your furry friend.

Primarily, place it near its previous litter box. That will enable it to feel secure and safe with it. Next, add some unscented litter into the box to communicate that it is a safe place to litter. You can buy crystal litter or go for sand if all the other types fail to work.

It may take some time before the cat changes their peeing spot. Sometimes, you may have to change the type of litter you are using severally before he or she gets used to it.

3. Adjust the rake time appropriately

Most self-cleaning litter boxes have a rake that assists in dropping the animal waste into the receptacle, located beneath the litter box.

The rake has a timer, and what that timer does is that it waits for the cat to leave the box, then it will roll over the remaining stuff on it. You, therefore, have to set the timer correctly to prevent it from toppling your kitten into the receptacle, which is disgusting for any cat.

Note that most boxes have a limit; thus, it may be almost rare for the cat to go under the litter box. However, ensure that the timeframe is long enough.

4. Maintain the litter box

Always empty the receptacle often. The odor may fill the room if the waste under the litter box is in excess. The number of times you change will depend on the number of cats you have.

Besides that, you have to buy from reputable brands. If you are looking for one, be sure to read full buying guide on the same. A wise cat owner should clean the box regularly. It is also appropriate that you buy a new automatic litter box once a year.

Check the animal waste occasionally to note if the cat is ailing from any diseases. The cat’s waste will help you observe any changes in the cat’s health.

Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes?

This is actually a good video showing a list of the top automatic litter boxes out there. If you have a few minutes, it’s worth watching:


Be sure to place the box farthest from your pet’s eating spot. If you have many cats, it will require that you buy more boxes to encourage privacy amongst each of them.


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