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5 Budget Pet Care Tips To Keep Your Furry Friend Happy & Healthy

Most people these days see their pets as important members of the family. Over half of pet owners even buy their pets birthday presents each year. 

From pet daycares to pet weddings, people are finding lots of ways to lavish their pets with affection and attention. However, luxury pet goods come with a luxury price tag.

What if there isn’t room in your budget for that?

Don’t worry, you can still find ways to take good care of your pet without sacrificing their quality of life. Budget pet care doesn’t mean taking poor care of your pet. 

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can save money taking care of your pet and still keeping him healthy and happy!

1. Do Your Own Grooming

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Taking your pet to the groomers is nice, but it can also take a nice chunk out of your finances. Thankfully, paying a professional groomer isn’t necessary.

Prices vary depending on the size and type of pet, but taking a dog to the groomers can set you back $70 on average. You’ll need to take your pet in every few weeks so that grooming bill will rack up fast.

Save all that money by learning to do your own grooming. Brush your pet’s fur once or twice a week. Check and clean their teeth and ears as needed. Learn how to trim their nails.

Not only will you be saving a bundle, but also your pet will be happier about it. Your pet will appreciate the time you take to spend with them. By taking care of your pet’s hygiene needs yourself, you’re showing them how much you love them in a way they can understand.

2. Avoid Pricey Pet Food

What do you feed your pet?

You can find a lot of places out there that sell pet food at rock-bottom prices. However, cheap pet food is probably full of rock-bottom nutrition and unhealthy fillers.

When you don’t have a lot of extra money in your budget, it can be tempting to buy the cheapest pet food you can find.

But consider this. Poor nutrition can lead to serious health problems for your pet.

You could end up spending all the money you save by buying cheap pet food on vet bills later on. Plus, if your pet is suffering, they aren’t leading a happy life and that’s not what you want for your pet.

Instead, try looking for quality pet food online. There are many places that offer great deals on all kinds of pet food. For example, check out this timothy hay for sale. The food is rather inexpensive and your rabbit or guinea pig will be delighted by the taste and how good they feel eating it.     

3. Save on Medications

Everyone knows that buying name brand medications for humans is an expensive way to do it. Similarly, buying pet medications at the vet’s office comes with a steep convenience fee. 

A better alternative is to ask your vet if there is a comparable human medication that you can give your furry friend. There are many medications that you can find at your normal pharmacy with a much more reasonable price tag. 

Another option is to buy your pet medications online. Be careful with this method, though. A vast majority of online pharmacies are as sketchy as they sound. 

Ask your vet if there is an online pharmacy they would recommend. Also, avoid pharmacies that don’t follow the rules, like ones that claim they don’t require a prescription. If they don’t follow this important rule, who’s to say they won’t sell you expired, unregulated, or even medicine that comes in the wrong dose?

Any of these issues could spell disaster for your pet. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so look for an accredited online pharmacy. 

4. Preventative Care

Preventative care vet bills can feel like an unnecessary expense. After all, your pet is a picture of health, why bother taking them to the vet?

We guarantee you that paying for vaccinations will be much less expensive than paying the vet bills associated with many preventable diseases. In some cases, depending on the disease your pet contracts, they could even end up paying for it with their life. 

To avoid either unnecessary vet bills or heartache, be sure to keep your pet up-to-date on routine medical visits. 

5. Pet Insurance

Another option to consider is taking out a pet insurance policy. Do you worry about getting an unexpected vet bill that you may not be able to pay? Pet insurance can give you the peace of mind that money will be there if your pet needs it.

Of course, pet insurance itself is a monthly expense that may be a little difficult to handle. You have to ask yourself what is important to you.

Would you pay $3000 for emergency surgery, regardless of if you had the money or not? Then pet insurance is a great way to ensure that you have the funds if you need them. The peace of mind alone can be worth it.

Budget Pet Care Doesn’t Equal Poor Pet Care

As you can see, it’s easy to find ways to save money on pet care without sacrificing their health and happiness. Budget pet care doesn’t automatically equal poor pet care.

Regardless, your pet doesn’t care about having the fanciest home or the most fashionable clothes. All they want is your love and affection. That along with having their basic care needs taken care of is what will make them happy and keep them that way.

To learn more about how to keep a dog healthy and happy, feel free to check out this article.


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