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How to Make a Dog Happy: Your Guide to Giving Fido the Best Life Ever

If your dog could speak, what would he say? 

Well over 43 million households have dogs and if you’re one of them then you know that dogs need a lot of attention and love. 

It’s hard to know if your pup is happy or not since our furry friends can’t speak. We might love sleeping with our dogs or carrying them in small purses but how do you know if it makes them happy? 

In this article, we’re exploring how to make a dog happy so you can keep your pooch’s tail wagging forever. 

Grab your fur baby, we’re getting started!

How to Make a Dog Happy 

Keep reading to find out how to make your dog happy. Spoiler alert, it’s not by dressing them up in crazy outfits. 

1. Go Out and Play! (Daily)

Dogs love to run around and they need it to release pent up energy. Grab their favorite toy and head to a park or even your own backyard if you have a large fenced in area. 

It’s the perfect time to practice new tricks like rolling over or running through a makeshift obstacle course for fun. If your dog loves the water, take your pup to the beach or local lake and let him run along the surf’s edge. 

2. Feed Your Dog New & Healthy Treats

It’s no secret that dogs love snacks (who doesn’t?) Instead of going to the store and buying highly processed treats that are full of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients, why don’t you make your own? 

There are even some recipes that both you and your dog can share! Remember to keep it healthy and avoid ingredients that are harmful to dogs or put stress on their digestive system. 

3. Keep Your Pup Healthy 

Keeping your pup healthy is just as important as keeping him happy. Make sure to keep up with regular vet checkups and treatment for fleas, mosquitoes, and heartworms. Ask your vet the best types of prevention methods for your dog breed. 

4. Socialization

You’re not doing your dog any favors by keeping them inside all day. It’s important that you introduce your dog to other dogs and humans as young as possible to avoid anxiety, shyness, and other mental problems or addictions. If you’re worried about your dog, read this helpful post for more information. 

5. Keep Up with Doggie Hygiene

Just as important as your hygiene is to you, you should also care about your pet’s. This means regular ear cleaning, baths, nail clipping, and grooming. Specific breeds may need different treatments so ask your vet what to look out for.  

Stay in the Know

After reading these tips, we hope you have a few ideas on how to make a dog happy. Now it’s time to spend some quality time which each other and show your fur baby some love.

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