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5 Popular Dog Accessories Your Pup Should Already Own

Thinking of getting a dog? Dogs are the absolute best. Your pet provides you with unconditional love, snuggles, and laughs.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that they get the best in life, including the best dog accessories. With these accessories, you can give your pup the best in life while still living on a budget.

Read on for some of best accessories you can buy to spoil your furry friend.

5 Popular Dog Accessories Your Pup Should Already Own:

1. Custom Dog Tags

shutterfly dog tag hello name

While it’s a little difficult to get creative with your dog’s collar and leash, you can still spruce things up a bit. Aside from getting them a colorful collar and leash to match their playful personalities, they’ll need a great dog tag to match.

It’s important for your pup to have their dog tags on them at all times in case they get lost, but that’s not to say you can’t have some fun with it. Customize your pup’s tags with a tiny message, their name, and your contact info.

And if you’re bored of the standard circular or bone-shaped tags, you’re in luck! You can find tons of cute, custom dog tags online for a reasonable price.

2. A Cozy Crate

For some dogs, their crate is like a prison. But with a bit of training and the right dog crate, their crate can become a lush palace.

Make sure that you purchase the right crate for your dog’s breed. After all, you can’t expect a Husky to fit in a crate made for a Pomeranian.

Be sure to consult a chart of dog crate sizes to make sure you’re getting the right storage for your pup. With the right amount of training (and treats, for that matter), your dog’s crate time can prevent separation anxiety and stress.

3. A Great Dog Bed

Whether you place it in their crate or in the living room (let’s be honest, both) your dog is going to need a great bed. Sure, you could pick up a standard dog bed.

But your pup deserves something way better for their naps!

Consider picking up a dog bed made from memory foam material. It’s soft, comfortable, and you can even give them a few pillows! They even make special dog beds if your pup suffers from arthritis.

4. Custom Food and Water Bowls

dog bowl

Now that your four-legged friend is rested from a refreshing nap, it’s the best time of day — feeding time! Plastic or ceramic bowls are certainly options, but to pamper your pooch, think bigger.

There are tons of easy ways to customize your pup’s bowls, from engraving their name on it to include a photo. Your only real limitation is your imagination.

Don’t forget to check out our previous list for a quick rundown on the best dishes.

5. Treats!

No article of dog accessories would be complete without a mention of treats. Since your dog deserves the best, why not spoil them every now and then?

Plus, these are key for positive reinforcement for any kind of dog training.

Within the last few years, the treat industry started focusing on gourmet treats. Now you can pick up all sorts of treats from healthy to savory. And don’t forget the peanut butter!

Wrap Up

With these 5 dog accessories, your dog can enjoy living the high life, and you can enjoy pampering them. Did we miss anything? Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what your pooch cannot live without.

Now, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go play with your dog!

dog raw food diet

PAW-leo Puppy Diet: Trendy Dishes For Doggy Dining

Careful… Because the next time you spot a delicious-looking meal piled high with superfoods on your Instagram, as enticing as it looks, it might not be meant for you.

It might for your pup.

That’s right. The newest trend in doggy dining is referred to as PAW-leo. It is a puppy diet meant to keep real food in your dog’s daily feedings and commercial-fare at bay.

With everyone from hipster cafes to food trucks offering dog-friendly fare, now is the time to learn more about these trendy dishes.

Let’s chow! 

PAW-leo = Human-Grade Ingredients

One of the biggest shifts seen from dog-owners to this new puppy diet came as a result of learning more about how commercial dog food is made.

Some brands are packing their food full of low-quality nutrients such as grain-based feed, chemical additives and even mislabeling food.

This puppy diet includes mostly raw meat sourced from industry regulated operations that keep an eye on livestock’s health and high-quality produce such as apples, carrots, zucchini, and kale – sourced locally if possible. Foods like lentils and free-range cooked eggs also added in to provide a good balance.

A word of caution: even though these ingredients are labeled human-grade, veterinarians and canine enthusiasts alike warn against just throwing in any healthy food that might be available. Some foods considered healthy for humans can actually be quite toxic for dogs.

*Foods that are toxic for dogs include: 

  • chocolate
  • onion
  • garlic
  • avocado

If a dog gets ahold of these foodstuffs, the repercussions can span from heart and kidney damage to death.

Always check with your vet before switching your dog’s diet.

raw food diet for puppies

PAW-leo Puppy Diet Keeps Vet Bills in Check

Speaking of vets…

No one likes a huge vet bill regardless of how much love we have for our four-legged friends.

Going Paw-leo can actually help keep how much time (and money) you spend at the vet to a minimum.

Feeding your pooch a clean, wholesome diet not only increase his longevity but can have other positive effects as well. Think improved shiny coat and more sustained energy as well as aiding with joint issues.

Another big plus?

Combating your dog’s allergies. Say bye-bye to excessive shedding and dandruff with a whole-food plan.

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Vitamins and Supplements for Fido

You may be thinking, “feeding my pup locally made, fresh food is one thing but supplements too?”

Yep, it’s true. 

Your fur baby needs his daily dose of vitamins just like you!

As our dogs’ diets have become more domesticated, valuable nutrients such as water-soluble vitamins, have declined in their day-to-day feedings.

This can be remedied by adding these vital supplements back into your canine’s food through dog-specific vitamins.

But you don’t have to stop there, supplements meant for humans can actually be useful for our furry friends’ alignments too. Such as fish oil being used to treat incessant itching. Or probiotics for rebuilding gut bacteria needed for digestion.

So, invest in the best dog multivitamin out there because your pup is worth it!

Ready to join the Paw-leo (aka “pawleo”) food trend? Whip up a gourmet meal for your pup and snap away … you aren’t alone in your pup-loving journey!

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celebrity pet pig

Parrots to Pigs: 5 Super Cute Celebrity Pets You Need to Meet

Dogs aren’t the only adorable celebrity pets around. Here are five of our favorites (and their owners) that you need to meet.

It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States alone.

While dogs and cats are usually the first things people think of when it comes to pets, there are many other species out there that make great companions.

Even celebrities have pets — but, they’re known to have unusual tastes when choosing ones to take home.

Do you have a favorite pet that belongs to a celebrity? If not, be ready to pick one from our list of the top five super cute celebrity pets.

5 Super Cute Celebrity Pets

When it comes to exotic pets, Michael Jackson’s chimps come to mind; other celebrities have even had pets like kinkajous and tigers.

Of all the celebrity pets out there, though, the cutest ones have our hearts.

Here are five of the most adorable celebrity pets:

1. Hilary Swank’s Parrot

hilary swank pet parrot

Actress Hilary Swank is the owner of an African gray parrot. These birds are known to be incredibly sociable and love to engage in repetition.

Like its cousins, parrotlets, African gray birds are extremely affectionate and intelligent. This species is one of the oldest species known to cohabitate with humans. These birds are so smart that it is believed that they even recognize the meaning of words.

2. Miley Cyrus’ Pig

miley cyrus pig

Miley Cyrus is a huge animal lover; she has quite a few pets. One of the cutest, though, is her pet pig named Pig (originally, Bubba Sue).

Cyrus debuted the pig on Instagram and posts photos of the pink pig, who has gone from little to huge over the years — it currently weighs over 50 pounds. Cyrus loves to doll her up by painting her “toes” red.

3. Taylor Swift’s Cat

taylor swift cat white

Taylor Swift / Instagram

Singer Taylor Swift has a beautiful white cat named Olivia Benson, which she got in 2014. Olivia was named after the detective on famous show Law and Order.

Swift is known to post photos of the white feline on her Instagram, and fans love her. The cat has also made appearances in Swift’s promos for Diet Coke.

*Check out the wisdom of Chairman Meow at! 

4. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Turtle

leo dicaprio pet turtle

In 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio shocked the world when he bought a Sulcata tortoise. These giant animals can weigh up to 200 pounds and live for as long as 80 years.

These amazing animals grow rapidly in their first few years of life, and then their growth slows down as they age. These animals like to live outside where they can roam freely.

5. Audrey Hepburn’s Deer

audrey hepburn pet deer

One of the most famous celebrity pets ever is a deer named Pippa, owned by Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn got the deer while filming Green Mansions in 1959; production suggested she take it home so it would learn to follow her around, and Hepburn loved the deer so much she decided to keep it post production. The two were known to run errands in Beverly Hills together.


From birds to pigs, celebrities are notorious for having interesting pets. Overall, though, they are some of the most adorable pets out there.

Looking for more cute animals? If so, check out the best dogs of Instagram that you should follow now.

pug costume

Hollywood-Inspired Dog Costumes for Halloween

Halloween can be fun for everyone, not just the humans. Check out these Hollywood-inspired dog costumes. Who will your pooch be for Halloween?

Summer is still in full swing, so it may seem a bit premature to start thinking about Halloween costumes. But everyone’s favorite dress-up holiday is only a few months away! If you have both yourself and your pampered pooch to outfit, it’s time to start your research. Here are some of the best Hollywood-inspired dog costumes around.

Glamorous Dog Costumes

Have you ever caught your little chihuahua or poodle looking at the cat water fountain as though she wished it was spouting champagne? Then these dog costumes may be particularly fitting for your little diva:

Marilyn Monroe

There is arguably no actress who exemplified old-school Hollywood glamor quite like this blond bombshell. Now your pup can capture her iconic “Seven Year Itch” look with a white halter dress and platinum-blond wig. (Gust of air blowing up out of the subway grate not included.)

Lady Gaga 

Fast-forward some 70 years, and there’s another blond star who’s captivated America, this one because of her outlandish outfits. If you choose to dress your dog as Lady Gaga, you’ll probably want to skip the pop singer’s infamous meat dress (sorry, Rover). Instead try a costume with a hair-bow wig, a spangly, ruffled bodysuit, and matching shades.

funny hollywood dog costume

Photo credit: Mike McCune

Dorothy or Glinda

Deck your canine out in a blue-checkered dress and pinafore and some ruby red slippers. You’ve got yourself a doggy version of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! If your pooch is particularly good at making dreams come true, there’s also a beautiful pink gown-and-crown costume so she can be Glinda the Good Witch.

“Ruff” and Tumble Dog Costumes

funny bulldog costume

Photo credit: Adorabull Bulldogs

Let’s say you have a boxer, pit, or french bulldog. A glamorous girl costume might be funny, but why not outfit your dog in something slighter more butch, to suit his personality?

Indiana Jones

Does your pup love to explore, and sometimes get into trouble doing so? Then this Indiana Jones costume, complete with a brown leather jacket, Jones’s signature fedora, and a whip, is ideal.

Mr. T

Even if you never watched the classic 1980s drama “The A Team,” you’re probably familiar with its most beloved celebrity, Mr. T. (and if not, well, we pity the fool.) This is one of the most instantly recognizable dog costumes around, with a mohawk wig and gold chains.

funny dog costume ideas

Photo credit: FunCage

The Incredible Hulk

If you are short on time or cash, and you have a short, stocky, muscular dog, here’s a DIY dog costume idea that will make your pooch the talk of the party. All you need is to get a pair of jeans that will fit your dog’s haunches, then cut them into shorts with ragged, torn edges. Then use some non-toxic body paint to color your dog’s fur that perfect shade of Hulk green.

dog starbucks

Photo credit: Brit+Co

Last, but Not Least — A Latte Dog Costume

What does everyone in Hollywood have in common? Their love for take out coffee, whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte, an iced mochaccino, or a venti house blend with stevia and soy milk. You can purchase ready made coffee costumes for your pup, but they’d also be fun and easy to make yourself.

Dress your dog up like a Starbucks cup and who knows, you might even get a free frap!

best dogs follow instagram

The Dogs of Instagram That Are Too Cute Not to Follow

Can’t stand one more political post from your siblings?

Why not take to Instagram to enjoy something everyone can agree on — dogs! In this post, we’re sharing with you the top dogs of Instagram that you have to follow.

If you’re looking to get away from the constant divisive opinions (and incessant selfies), these awesome pups will do the trick!

Doug The Pug

doug pugThere is such a thing as cute wrinkles — and @itsdougthepug proves it. This pug is already a New York Times bestseller and has over 5 million Facebook likes.

Clearly, he’s doing something right!

He’s also been featured on Good Morning America, performed alongside Justin Bieber, and has his own calendar. If you’re a fan of celebrity dog culture, you have to follow Doug.

Marnie The Dog

marnie dogAre you a fan of individuality? Do you love imperfection? If so, then you have to follow f@marniethedog, one of the most famous dogs of Instagram!

Known for her permanently stuck-out tongue (Miley Cyrus would be jealous!) Marine loves a themed photo shoot. At 15 years old, this lovable Shih Tzu certainly looks fabulous — and full of life — for her age.

The perfect way to get through your mid-week slump! She’s just as much of a celebrity of the countless A-listers who follow her.

Buddy Boo Boo

buddy boo boo dogThree dogs are certainly better than one! If you love seeing dogs interact, then you simply must follow @BuddyBooBooWaggyTails.

Follow the adventurous and always fun-filled lives of Buddy, Blue, and Boo. They enjoy stealing food from their owner’s plates, napping, and supporting animal-friendly causes like the ASPCA.

They’re especially known for their elaborate costumes. These pets have dressed up as an ice cream truck driver, a bumblebee, and even jailbirds.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to take pictures of your animal, you need to make sure they’re safe. Look for items like a dog car seat or dog life jacket.

This is a great account for fashionistas to follow. You may just get some inspiration from the fabulous frocks of these four-legged friends!

Tuna Melt

tuna melt dog instagramLike Marnie, the incomparable (and meme-famous!) @tunameltsmyheart is all about embracing your flaws.

Known for an uneven jawline that makes it look like Tuna is always grinning, this account is sure to put a smile on your face!

Tuna is quite a world traveler, with Parisian-themed photo shoots and lots of other globe-trotting. She also seems to love a good doughnut!

Tuna is another dog that seems to want to use her Instagram celebrity for good. Many of her pictures point out important animal right’s issues, like opposing animal testing.

Of course, Tuna can’t be on all the time! Judging from her account, she loves to relax and sleep on her favorite sofa!

Follow These Beloved Dogs Of Instagram

Thanks to this post, your Instagram feed will no longer be full of your friend’s vacation pictures or the “amazing” accomplishments of their children.

Sometimes, you just need to get away from all the social media drama and follow a few cute dogs.

Be warned, though! If you start to follow even one of these dogs, it might not be long before you have an urge to create an Instagram account for your own adorable pooch!

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ratajkowski walking dog ad dkny

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Walking Dog in Lingerie: New DKNY Commercial

Puppy + half-naked supermodel = marketing genius? There are two ways to get attention when walking down the street: walking a cute dog, and wearing only your underwear.

For most of us, the latter is not GOOD attention, but when you supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, you can get away with it. Here’s the new DKNY ad, and  if you look really hard (on the second or third viewing?) you’ll notice she has a dog:


Do you need another reason to love dogs?

Besides appealing to my lizard brain, I like that this ad reminds me that the dog doesn’t care. I mean, instead of a supermodel, this woman could be size 16 and 80 years old, and the dog wouldn’t judge.

Plus, I always think it’s funny that a dog is ready for a walk at any time, with no preparation or clothing needed. Everyone on the street could stop and stare, and the dog wouldn’t care. They would just keep trotting down the street, fully naked.

In fact, I’ll bet you a dollar that supermodel Emily Ratajkowski is less secure in her appearance than the dog is. The only thing that would dampen this dog’s mood on the walk is if it had to wear a cone (of shame) around its head. That’s why you have to love them!

So, what do you think? Gratuitous sexuality, or great marketing idea?