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Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Weekly Acupuncture Appt.




Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Sarah Michelle Gellar was seen again August 6, 2009 in Toluca Lake at the veterinary clinic.

The pregnant star was taking her rather large pup in for another acupuncture treatment and it looks like she’s got backup along just in case!

Hope the treatment is doing her pup some good!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Emily Grace Reeves And Her Bunny





Hannah Montana child actress Emily Grace Reeves and her adorable pup Bunny showed up at the Teen Choice Awards Gifting Sweet in Hollywood, CA where she and BFF Noah Cyrus had wax molds made of their hands which will be auctioned off at a later date.

Many stars are participating in an event to help raise awareness about a little-known animal shelter disaster hitting the U.S. due to the economic crisis. CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, because of the CA budget crisis, has recently ended a  state mandate to hold stray animals in the shelters for 6 days, resulting in more euthanasias; some as soon as only 3 days!

There will be dozens of pets up for adoption from Tails of The City Animal Rescue at the event and celebrity guests will take their pictures with the pets to increase their chances for adoption. Rocket Dog, Tivo and Jet Blue are donating shoes, Tivos signed by celebrities and airline tickets for auction with the proceeds going to Tails of The City. Hence, the “gifting” back to the stars!

Somebody looks like they’ve been playing “hairdresser”! I think Bunny looks super-cute with pink ears though!


Photo Credit: Splash News

Anna Pacquin’s Dogs To Have a Dad Soon!





 Academy Award winning actress Anna Pacquin was spotted walking her two pups August 6, 2009 in Los Angeles, CA and took the opportunity to show off her brand-spanking-new bling!

Anna and her True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer are engaged to be married! No date has been announced as of yet.

Fang-tastic news! Congratulations!


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Julianne Hough, LeeAnn Womack Learn To Train Their Dogs!

TV alert! TV alert! Tonight’s “Entertainment Tonight” will feature Julianne Hough and fellow country singer Lee Ann Womack welcoming stellar dog trainer Tamar Geller into their homes to help show them how to train their pups to be perfectly behaved!

You’d never know it from the photos, but Julianne says Lexi is “skittish” and doesn’t come when called and Lee Ann (who has a houseful of dogs, large and small)has a couple of black labs, Shadow and Wilson who pounce before thinking!

There are a lot of great tips and nice interaction with Julianne and Lee Ann and the dogs. Check your local listings for times or see the clip from it HERE

Mickey Rourke and Jaws Chillin’ in The Big Apple



Veteran actor Mickey Rourke and his newest BFF, chihuahua Jaws, were seen walking in the West Village in NYC August 4, 2009.

Mickey is working post-production on his film “13”, a drama/thriller that will be out next year.

Talk about a busy boy; Mickey has 2 other films in post-production, no less than 5 in pre-production and is rumored to be tapped for at least 2 more films!

Jaws is going to be meeting a lot of new people; I just hope he doesn’t live up to his name! Gotta wonder though; look at that heavy duty leash Mickey’s sporting for the little guy, LOL!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News