George Clooney


Well this is news to us, we knew George Clooney had a pot-bellied pig, Max, as a pet but I just read he had two Bulldogs at one time too named Bud and Lou (after Abbott and Costello). They’ve both passed away (and we’re not sure when) but he still has their picture on his screen saver because in his words, “they’re my buddies.”

The picture above is of George with Bud and Lou as puppies. The woman in the photo is named Boo and she owns the bulldog form where George bought the two puppies.

Rosemary says, “This picture was taken in November 1997 on my porch in Michigan. He was in Detroit making the movie Out of Sight. He bought two bulldog puppies Lou and Bud for his girl friend… He has always had bulldogs and had been looking a long time for just the right ones. I was fortunate that he came right to the house and spent some time. He is just a regular guy.”

If anyone has pics of George with Lou and Bud, please send ’em in!

Update: We’re not sure how reliable this info is but we just read that as he was leaving his house on his way to Morocco to film the movie, Syriana, there was a rattlesnake wrapped around Lou’s with its teeth in the back of the dog’s head. He had to get a baseball bat and beat the snake until it let go, but it killed the dog.

George was reported as saying, “That was the last thing the dog saw, me beating a snake with a bat.”

A gracious reader from ClooneyStudio was kind enough to report that the above info is true and that it was the first time they heard about Bud dying so it must have been very recent. They also sent in this clip of George on 60 Minutes – Bud and Lou are can be seen about 3 minutes into it, take a peek!

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