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Amy Winehouse Has an Admirer!

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on June 24th, 2009

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Troubled singer Amy Winehouse was seen running (!) on the beach in St. Lucia yesterday, June 23, 2009.

She seems to have quite a following; I think I’ve seen those dogs with her before.

Amy’s been in St. Lucia for several months now, supposedly to “detox” and to not be under the scrutiny of the British press and to create her third album but it’s not sounding very successful.

I wish she’d find something to focus on, like a loyal and loving pet , instead of drugs and alcohol and get back to making great music again!

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Amy Winehouse Lives to Tell!

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on April 13th, 2009

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I have to say, I don’t think I’d honestly ever see troubled singer Amy Winehouse holding a dog! Oy!

But, pictures speak louder than words, and here is Her Wildness, on the beach yesterday, April 12 in St. Lucia.

Actually, she’s looking slightly healthier than usual; maybe she just needs some unconditional love!

Photo Credit: Splash News


Kelly Osbourne, Amy Winehouse and Prudence

The two friends met on Sunday for lunch where photographers first caught sight of Amy‘s new hairdo. Prudence is looking on as if she doesn’t approve! Guess she liked the beehive better 😉

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