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Anne Hathaway’s Esmeralda Shows Off!





Actress Anne Hathaway was sighted with her chocolate lab Esmeralda, putting her through her paces in NYC, June 23, 2009.

Esmeralda was a good girl and obliged by responding to  Anne’s hand signals for a couple of onlookers.

That’s a girl who spends time with her dog!


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Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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Anne Hathaway Looks So Happy!







Actress Anne Hathaway and new boyfriend actor Adam Shulman strolled hand in hand through downtown Manhattan with Anne’s chocolate lab, Esmeralda yesterday, April 25 on their way to the dog park.

Don’t they all look like they’re havng a great time? What a beautiful day in NYC!


Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin


Anne Hathaway Takes Esmeralda on a Manhattan Stroll

Anne Hathaway & Esmeralda

Anne Hathaway walked with a guy yesterday that’s not boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. Who is that, her brother, a friend? Ahhh doesn’t matter, we can’t take our eyes off the chocolate girl she’s walking with, her labrador, Esmeralda.

The Becoming Jane star doesn’t play when it comes to taking Es on a walk with plenty to look at. The threesome strolled past Burberry and several other Manhattan shops along the way.

We wonder who drooled more, Anne or Esmeralda.

See more pics of Anne and Esmeralda by continuing to read…

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Anne Hathaway’s Sick Dog Helped Snag Role

Anne Hathaway

New York actress Anne Hathaway says her sick dog inadvertently helped her snag the starring role in Julian Jarrold’s new period film, Becoming Jane.

“Julian didn’t like my first audition and I begged him for a second one,” Hathaway told UPI in New York. “I was extraordinarily nervous before the first audition and I didn’t read it very well.”

Hathway, who plays British author Jane Austen in the film, said the night before the second audition, her pup, Esmeralda, ate a slipper and she spent the whole evening caring for him and cleaning up his mess.

When a 70-pound dog eats a slipper… it’s not pretty. I stayed up all night cleaning up my dog’s bodily fluids, basically, and I showed up at the audition the next day too tired to be nervous and too tired to be self-conscious and just too tired to do anything except get to the end of the audition, so I think that worked to my benefit.