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Maltipoo – Celebrity Hybrid

Maltipoo Invasion – The Toyota Prius is no longer the hottest hybrid in Hollywood. Meet the Maltipoo; the unholy union of the Maltest and the Poodle that is hugely popular as an accessory among young celebrities right now.

This designer dog has dethroned the toy Chihuahua (Paris & Brittney popularized, and then ruined that trend) as the trendiest dog to tote around LA, as the list of Maltipoo owners keeps growing.

Some celebrity Maltipoo owners include: Ellen Degeneres, Ashley Tisdale (Blondie & Maui), Jessica Simpson (RIP Daisy), Michele Kwan (Ginseng), Blake Lively (Penny), Miley Cyrus (Sophie), Carmen Electra (Kiko), Vanessa Hudgens (Shadow), Rihanna (DJ) and more.

It isn’t known whether obtaining a Maltipoo is just a trend, or possibly something bigger; perhaps a well organized plot by the seemingly harmless breed to take over the world, starting with its most vain, insecure, and rich inhabitants: young female celebrities. Here is more shocking evidence of celebrities obeying the Maltipoo:

Miley Cyrus Maltipoo

Maltipoo Controlling Miley Cyrus

rihanna maltipoo

Rihanna and her master

Blake Lively Maltipoo

Blake Lively obeys the Maltipoo

Michelle Kwan Maltipoo

Michelle Kwan dominated by Maltipoo

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Ashley Tisdale and Maui Perform


Multi-talented actress and singer Ashley Tisdale performed a free concert at The Grove June 27, 2009 in West Hollywood, CA performing several songs from her upcoming album coming out later this month, “Guilty Pleasure”!

Little Maui, being carried by a young man who we believe is Ashley’s current boyfriend, was on hand to give her vote of confidence!

So good to see Maui; we haven’t seen much of her lately!

Photo Credit: Splash News


Ashley Tisdale, Sitting in a Tree; K-I-SS-ING!



Actress, singer, songwriter and producer, Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Scott Speer headed to Oxnard, CA to meet up with Ashley’s dad Mike Tisdale and take a trip on his boat May 2, 2009!

Ashley had little Maui and Daisy along for the ride and even though she was seen getting pretty romantic with Scott on the bow, Maui is the one getting the kisses!   Can you blame her? Looks like the pups had a canine friend along too. (medifast coupon image)

Ashley’s album “Guilty Pleasure” drops June 16, 2009 and her film, “Aliens in the Attic” releases July 31, 2009! Busy girl!

Photo Credit: Splash News
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