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Dogs Influence on 2012 Election

Romney dog roof


Obama eats dog?

Political Dog Fight: Starting with accounts of how Mitt Romney famously packed their family dog on the roof of their car for a trip to Canada, (who does that!) the “dog war” in the 2012 election is still heating up. (Dogs against Romney recently recorded their 50,000th Facebook friend!)

Recently, attention was brought to the fact that Obama tasted dog meat as a poor youth in Indonesia, although Romney later proposed that the election should be about, “jobs not dogs.”

Well, it’s clear that dogs are already playing a role in opinion poles for this year’s election. Look for lots of photo ops of these guys hugging dogs in the near future…


Bo Obama Made From Pipe Cleaners

Bo Obama Pipe Cleaners

White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Reflect for a moment on the last 500 working hours of your life. You may have done some inspiring things like helping a room full of children to read, or maybe you you did something less inspiring like making 20 thousand calls to sell subscriptions of USA Today. In any event, White House florist Laura Dowling organized about 80 volunteers to spend a total of that much time twisting pipe cleaners for her decorative likeness of Bo the White House dog. (a Portuguese water dog)

The impressive final product made its debut at the White House last week along with other Christmas decorations including elaborately decorated fir trees and dried oak leaf rosettes.

Maybe this is what President Obama meant when he said, “we’re still a people capable of doing big things.”

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