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Jennifer Garner
Little Violet is a mini-Jennifer Garner, it’s incredible how much she looks like mommy, so cute that family!

The threesome played with a few puppies, kittens and even a rabbit yesterday.

Which brings us to the question of, where is Martha Stewart, Jennifer’s Labrador Retriever? She hasn’t been seen in a very long time. :(

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner

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Ben Affleck’s Imaginary Dog

by CDW Contributor Lara N. on April 16th, 2007

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Ben Affleck

As a child, Ben Affleck desperately wanted a dog. Concerned her son wasn’t responsible enough, she made him walk an imaginary one.

“When he came up two days short, he didn’t get a dog,” she told People in 1998. “That was harsh. It was wise, but harsh.”



No… not THAT Martha Stewart! Jennifer Garner‘s dog, Martha Stewart!

Cute and comfortable, the couple took the time to enjoy a long walk with each other and Jen’s dog.


Ben Affleck

With so much love to go around, how could Jennifer Garner‘s dog Martha Stewart NOT be happy?

First, Martha enjoys a stroll with Jennifer who then hands the leash over to Ben.

They are DEFINITELY animal lovers to the extreme – and we don’t think Martha is complaining! :)