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Celebs Come Out for Broadway Barks!






Hosted by luminaries like Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore, co-creators of the event; the  11th annual “Broadway Barks” citywide adoptathon took place in Shubert Alley in NYC July 11, 2009!

The star-studded event benefits NYC animal shelters and animal adoption agencies and helps many of the NYC shelter animals find permanent homes and is sponsored by the ASPCA and Pedigree Pet Foods. There was a book-signing by Bernadette and celebrity presentation of adoptable pets, seen below.

Bernadette Peters, who adopted her dogs, Kramer and Stella, from the ASPCA and the AC&C added, “We’re doing our part to make New York City a more humane place for animals. Through our collaborative efforts, of which Broadway Barks is a part, we’re moving steadily toward our goal of ensuring that every healthy and treatable dog and cat in New York City has a home.”

From 2002 to 2008 the number of animals being euthanized in NYC shelters went down from 74% to 39%, which equates to approximately 15,000 LESS animals put to sleep! That’s HUGE!

Good on you, Bernadette and MTM! You and all the other celebs using their fame to such a great cause!


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Bernadette Peters’ Book Release: Broadway Barks

Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters

A true advocate for animals, Bernadette Peters released her book, entitled Broadway Barks, an appropriate name that derives from a program she’s often involved with alongside Mary Tyler Moore in New York on May 12th.

She also brought along her dog, Kramer to help celebrate 😉

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Bernadette Peters Lives for Dogs

Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters devotes herself these days to her pets, Kramer and Stella, and all the abandoned animals of New York.

“What I wanted to do was help shelter animals, to figure out how to solve this problem,” she said.

A decade ago she and pal Mary Tyler Moore began an annual event called Broadway Barks, which raises money for New York-area shelters. Broadway Barks 10 will be performed July 12 in the theater district’s Shubert Alley.

Recently, Peters was approached about writing a children’s book, her first. She agreed. Then her editor said the book needed a song.

“I never wrote a song in my life,” Peters said. “I was in an airplane and I needed a lullaby. Suddenly, the music and lyrics came to me.”

Peters’ book, “Broadway Barks”, is about a homeless pooch named Douglas, will be published next month and is dedicated to investment adviser Michael Wittenberg, Peters’ husband, who died at 43 in a 2005 helicopter crash.

Inside the “Broadway Barks” jacket will be a CD of Peters reading the book and singing her lullaby, “Kramer’s Song.”

“Kramer’s Song” is named for Peters’ older pet, an 11-year-old “shaggy dog, Heinz 57 variety,” she said.

Peters’ other pooch, Stella, is a 10-year-old pit bull.

Several years ago, Peters had a home in northern Miami Beach. Then she discovered a big problem: Pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade County which infuriates her.

That’s why we moved to Vero Beach,” Peters said. “We were worried about Stella. … We were afraid they’d take her. You can take any breed and wreck it if you say ‘Fight, fight, fight.’ They’re lap dogs. They’re very loving.”


Mary Tyler Moore & Bernadette Peters Raise Money for Dogs

Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters

Tony Award winners Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters appeared at the Pedigree Dogstore on Thursday, February 21st to autograph exclusive merchandise from the Dogs rule line. Donations from the products purchased at the event will go to the company’s Adoption Drive Foundation, which benefits select shelters and breed rescues nationwide.


Bernadette Peters: Broadway Barks 9

Bernadette  Peters

Bernadette  Peters

Today was the 9th annual Broadway Barks event: A star-studded dog and cat adopt-a-thon in New York City.

Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore hosted the event benefiting New York City animal shelters and adoption agencies. Sponsored by the ASPCA with additional sponsorship by the New York Times, Pedigree, and RCA Small Wonder took place today, Saturday, July 14th in Shubert Alley with celebrity presentations of pets from citywide animal shelters.

Read more about Broadway Barks by going to their website and view more pics of Bernadette after the jump!

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