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Bethenny Frankel and Cookie are Shopaholics!



Real (non) Housewives of NYC, Bethenny Frankel and her Lhasa mix pooch, Cookie attended the shopaholics Nirvana, “Super Saturday 12”, August 1, 2009 in Water Mill, NY.

Super Saturday is Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s 12th annual Super Saturday was hosted by Donna Karan, Kelly Ripa, InStyle, and Blake Lively and features a designer garage sale, gourmet dining and exciting activities for kids and adults alike!

For some reason, Bethenny refused to be photographed with her boyfriend, Jason Hoppy at the event, but allowed him to escort Cookie and carry her bags around all day. Cookie loves Jason and the feeling is obviously mutual, so no problems there!

Maybe that’s her way of getting Jason on her “Skinny Girl” agenda!

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Beth Otrosky Stern is a Lifesaver!



Beth Ostrosky Stern hosted a luncheon at Savannah’s in Southampton to launch Joseph Janus’ BODHI bags’ limited edition Animal-Friendly collection.

All profits from the sale of the clutches, totes, hobos, dog carriers and more will benefit Stern’s favorite charity, the North Shore Animal League (which should be substantial, considering the price tag on these babies!).

NSAL was on hand at Savannah’s with puppies available for adoption, who posed with Real Housewife of NYC, Bethenny Frankel and the designer Joseph Janus.

Beth and husband Howard’s dog Bianca was the star attraction at the luncheon that included guests Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon, who attended with her daughters and their two dogs. Bensimon left as soon as Bethenny arrived.

Southampton just isn’t big enough for the two of them!

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Bethenny Frankel In Port



Real Houswives of New York City’s non-housewife Bethenny Frankel was out on a lovely day shopping with her Cookie at Ports Clothing Store April 25, 2009 in  the Meat Packing District of New York City!

Bethenny wasn’t the only one having fun though; Cookie looks like she made a friend during the shop-a-thon; or does Bethenny have some of those Skinny Girl cupcakes in her bag?

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The Real Housewives of New York City & Their Pets: Bethenny Frankel & Cookie

Bethenny Frankel and Cookie

Bethenny Frankel  & Cookie

Bethenny Frankel & Cookie

Wrapping up the week and our Real Housewives of New York City interviews, we bring you Bethenny Frankel and her dog, Cookie. Coming next week, if we can get pictures soon will be Ramona Singer and the family dog, Coco.

CDW: Thanks for interviewing with us a second time! Who knew our paths would cross again this way? We watch the show obviously and we read on your blog at Bravo that Cookie was ill. What was wrong and how is she now?

Bethenny: Cookie has something called IMT. It is a blood platelet disorder. Basically, she had fewer than 100 blood platelets when she is supposed to have something like 250 to 500 thousand which is terrifying. She didn’t have a good chance. Blood platelets are what clots when you feel hurt. We were terrified that she would bang her head or hit anything and internally bleed. This happened once, and she relapsed this year, now she is on chemo doses of prednisone and we’re tapering it. A homeopathic vet in the Hamptons has also put her on herbal pills to make the tapering easier. Truthfully, I was lax on the herbals last time and I think it’s why she relapsed. I’m not much for western medicine.

CDW: Does the medicine have any side effects?

Bethenny: The meds make her pee constantly, extremely thirsty and starving and prone to weight gain. She goes for hour long walks each day and is keeping her weight down. Ironically, I’m a natural foods chef and my girl has junk in the trunk.

CDW: That’s funny! You look so happy with your boyfriend Jason, what does Cookie think of him and the kids?

Bethenny: She adores Jason. He is in love with her and his children are beyond obsessed with her. She is very protective (as Lhasa-Apso’s are – she’s a mix) and she loves to sit with them in the car and hang their heads out the window catching the breeze.

CDW: We know all about your business BethennyBakes, which feature one of my personal favorites, cupcakes! A popular thing for pets that I’ve seen lately are cupcakes for dogs. What’s your thoughts on that can we expect a pupcake if you will or maybe something inspired by Cookie, a “CookieCake” on the site one day?

Bethenny: Cookie loves to watch me cook, so I’d love to use her as a taster and develop a line for her. It’s on the list.

CDW: I interviewed LuAnn about their dog, Aston and she revealed that you both share the same dog walker. How do Aston and Cookie get along, any romance in the air for those two?

Bethenny: Cookie is the cougar and Aston (aka monster) is a young stud. I think it’s hilarious that “Cookie Monster” walk the streets together. I definitely see the love and lust in his eyes when he cones to get her. I’ll give you this: he is a gentleman and picks her up every day on their dates and drops her off promptly. He’s feisty. Give him time. He’ll mature. They’re like Ashton and Demi.

CDW: Cookie has her own MySpace page we discovered and she mentioned she likes doggie day at the spa. Tell us, what hip spa in NY does Cookie park her paws?

Bethenny: Cookie’s lucky because I’m a natural foods chef. Molly, my assistant, Karl, my driver and I give her massages, take her to the park and Molly feeds her carrots (antioxidants). Next will be popcorn. Every day is a spa day for her. Right now, she’s on my lap in the car. Whether out at night or to every meeting, Cookie comes in the car everywhere. She lives for the car and her goal in life is to be included.

CDW: Once again, it was great to reconnect with you and Cookie. If there’s anything else you’d like to add or want us to know, feel free to blurt it out!

Bethenny: I just want to add that Cookie has handled her new fame very well. She really likes her family first although she really perks up for the camera and looks straight into it. Maybe she’s acting like she doesn’t care. She knows how to handle the press although she hasn’t been on Page Six yet. Maybe, when she and Aston (Ashton lol) get together, she’ll get her 15 minutes (105 minutes in dog minutes) of fame soon.

For your convenience and enjoyment, Cookie’s video eating carrots is below:


Animal Fair’s 8th Annual Paws for Style

Hayden Panettiere

Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy

Alexandra Chando and Lola

This event just gets better and better! Animal Fair magazine’s Paws for Style not only showcases some snazzy apparel but they also benefit the Humane Society. A worth cause indeed.

This year’s celebs that turned out to strut their stuff on the catwalk with a fury companion of the dog variety were Hereos Hayden Panettiere, Trading Spaces and In Touch Weekly‘s designer Doug Wilson (both holding Toby), As the World Turns, Alexandra Chando, celebrity chef, Bethenny Frankel and her dog, Cookie, Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and her dog Cindy, What Not to Wear host, Stacy London and Alice, Stella Keitel (daughter of Lorraine Bracco and Harvey Keitel) and Eloise, animal activist and philanthropist Frances Hayward with her rescued dog Amigo, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, the 9th bachelor on ABC’s The Bachelor and his dog, James Bond, Richard Belzer and his dog Bebe, lifestyle expert Mar Jennings and his Miniature Schnauzer, Corky and last but not least, Court TV‘s Catherine Crier and two of her five dogs, Bella and Abigail.

Lots more thumbnails below:

Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Bethenny Frankel and Cookie Bethenny Frankel and Cookie Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Katie Blair Miss Teen USA and Cindy Richard Belzer and Bebe Prince Lorenzo Borghese and his dog James Bond Mar Jennings and Corky Stella Keitel Frances Hayward and Amigo Stacy London and Alice Catherine Crier with Bella and Abigail Doug Wilson and Toby


It’s all about the Cookie – Interview with Celebrity Chef Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel

You might remember her as the runner-up from Martha Stewart‘s short-lived reality show, The Apprentice but Bethenny Frankel was already on her way to being a winner.

While looking through pics of celebrities at Park City, we spotted a familiar face and it was Bethenny holding the absolutely scrumptious looking dog you see above, Cookie. Bethenny was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to give us an interview. She immediately told us “Cookie is my life” when asked. Read below!

CDW: Hi Bethenny! I did a double-take when I saw pics of you with Cookie at Park City. What were you there for?

Cookie is with me in Park City because I’m hosting ChefDance- a ten day culinary event and I didn’t want her to miss the snow or be away from me for 2 weeks.”

CDW: What kind of dog is Cookie, she’s absolutely adorable and how did she take to the snow? How did you come to be her mom?

She’s a Lhasa mix. She loves the snow. Her goal in life is to be included so she’s good with everything. I got her at a mutt puppy store in Chicago. She was the “ugly duckling”, the different one of the litter so she was only 150 bucks but the cutest to me.”

CDW: Well she’s certainly not an ugly duckling now, she is so cute! Being a chef, do you make her special doggie treats at all?

There is always such good food around and I feel guilty restricting her to dog food but I’ve been told that they live longer if you keep them on dog food. That being said, I give her some meat or brown rice on occasion.”

CDW: I’m guilty of that too, I have Labs and they like carrots! Some people might remember you as the runner-up on the Martha Stewart Apprentice reality show but it looks like your career was already well on its way. Tell us about your website and what a natural food chef is.

My specialty is healthy cooking, helping celebs stay in shape, losing baby weight, etc. I cook for private dinners, events and I do custom meals delivered to homes and sets.

My goal is to democratize health and use my “celeb tips” for people who can’t afford a private chef but I am more of a chef/host/personality than simply a chef. I’m also a “health foodie” because gourmet food and restaurants fitting into a balanced lifestyle are what’s important. People won’t stick to a rigid unrealistic diet.”

CDW: It sounds like fun and definitely something I need to do (as I chug back my Coke Zero and donut). I read on your site you worked with Brooke Hogan for a piece in People magazine. What was the piece about and when does the issue come out so we can look for you? is the Brooke Hogan thing. I do a celeb diary for them.”

CDW: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we loved you on the show – last questions about Cookie, how old is she and where does she sleep?

She’s 7 and she sleeps with me. She’s never more than 2 ft away.”

You can view a tiny clip of Bethenny with Cookie at the end of the ChefDance video at