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5 Celebrities Who Care Deeply About Healthy Pets

If you consider yourself an animal lover, you would do anything to see your pet happy and healthy.

You volunteer at animal shelters, rescue dogs and cats off the streets and even give them a permanent home.

But your immense love for those adorable fuzzy creatures is also shared by many celebrities who own, rescue and take good care of their pets.

Despite their busy schedule, they make time to play with their furry friends and provide them the best life possible but also contribute to animal charities.

Keep reading to see which celebs go above and beyond to ensure they have healthy pets.

5 Celebrities Who Care About Healthy Pets

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his environmental activities, but these are closely related to helping animals and endangered species.

In fact, since 1998, through his foundation, Leo has achieved great success in wildlife and habitat preservation. He dedicates a significant portion of his efforts to healthier oceans, climate change, and water access.

He also owns a sulcata tortoise that’s expected to live for another 70-80 years.

2. Betty White

Did you recognize Betty White in the photo above? Besides being a great actress, Betty White loves animals with all her heart.

She’s been a trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association for over 40 years and a spokeswoman/division vice-president of the Morris Animal Foundation.

The American Humane Association awarded Betty with their National Humanitarian Medal and Legacy Award in 2012 for her extraordinary dedication to animal rights and health.

She has a golden retriever named Pontiac.

3. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres, a famous TV show host, is a co-owner of the Halo Pet Foundation, promoting healthy pet food and good pet health. Recently, the foundation decided to donate one million pet meals to animal shelters to help them get by.

Ellen has also created her own pet line, where she sells bedding, accessories, grooming tools and hygiene products for pets.

She’s a devoted animal lover and owns 6 pets (three dogs and three cats).

4. Kaley Cuoco

The star of the “Big Bang Theory”, Kaley Cuoco, has three rescue dogs (all pit bulls) and is all about adopting your pets.

She has adopted several dogs from animal shelters and stated that whenever she visits a shelter, she has a desire to adopt every pup there.

Kaley also rescued a mini pony and named him Shmooshy.

5. Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray is one of the most popular TV personalities today. She has her own TV show and a popular website where you can find an entire section exclusively dedicated to healthy pets.

She posts pet food recipes and pet care advice on the best flea meds for cats and dogs.

She’s also a passionate animal rights activist and makes generous donations to animal charities. In fact, a portion of the proceeds of her pet food line goes to these organizations.

Final Thoughts

Being an animal lover is more than just loving animals and pets. It involves selfless dedication to their health and well-being and taking care of their needs every day.

The celebrities on our list are the living proof that all you need to have healthy pets is a lot of love and devotion.

Over to you – what are your favorite animals? Do you have any pets? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 of the Most Outrageous Dog Outfits (You Have to See #2!)

Harper’s Bazaar has a list of the most outrageous celebrity dresses of all time. Included in the list are Beyonce’s barely there 2015 Met Ball gown, Miley Cyrus’ Buzz Lightyear costume for the 2015 MTV VMAs, and Lady Gaga’s meat dress for the 2010 MTV VMAs.

But as impressive as these dresses are, they simply can’t beat the awesomeness of dogs in a costume. Don’t believe us? Here are five of the most outrageous dog outfits that will have you going gaga on all the eleganza.

1. All of Agador’s Lewks:

“Wish you were here ?.” #vacationmode ? #lavieestbelle ? #iamatraveler ?? #biarritz ?? #agadorable ?

A post shared by Hello. My name is Agador ? (@poochofnyc) on

If you’re not following Agador on Instagram, you’re missing out on a lot of fabulousness. It’s not just his fluffy head and the way he poses in sunglasses. It’s his effortless style that makes even an ugly print shirt look so freaking adorable.

Is it any wonder he has over 80,000 followers? If you’re looking for dogs of Instagram that are too cute not to follow, don’t forget to include Agador in your list. He’s not just cute, though, he’s a style icon, too.

2. Doug The Pug’s “Eleven” Costume

Photo credit: Doug the Pug Instagam

Were you looking for Hollywood-inspired dog outfits? Why not take your style cue from another Instagram-famous dog? Doug The Pug’s Eleven costume is not just on point, it’s an eleven in a world full of tens.

He wore it when he went to hang out with the boys from “Stranger Things.” If you didn’t know, Doug is a huge fan of the series. He also cosplayed Barb last year.

Tip: If you want your pooch to rock a Hollywood-style costume, you don’t have to look very far. Just take inspiration from your favorite movie or TV show.

3. Sasha’s Prom Dress

dachshund instagram dress

Photo credit: Brenda Sierra

Most people associate twinning with mommy and me outfits. But you can go twinning with your furry pal, too.

Brenda Sierra did it with her rescue dog, Sasha. When she got her senior prom dress altered, Brenda decided to make a matching outfit for Sasha, as well. Best of all, it didn’t cost a lot since she used the leftover material from her gown.

It’s really a great idea, especially if you don’t want to be too outrageous with your dog’s outfits. If you have a racerfront crop top, for example, you can easily sew one for your dog or pick an easier style like this no-sew crop top if you’re not too handy with a sewing machine.

4. Pretty in Pink

pink dog

Photo credit: NY Post

Yorkies Gia, Pia, Mia, and Tia are furry fashionistas who strutted their stuff at the 2017 New York Pet Fashion Show at the Hotel Pennsylvania. They wore pink dresses while riding a remote-controlled pink convertible.

If you scroll through their Instagram feed, you can see that pink is their signature color. For your pooch, you don’t have to go with pink if you’re not a fan. You can choose any color as long as it shows off your doggie’s good looks and charm in the best possible light.

5. Chica aka DogSpider:

We did say outrageous dog outfits. So if you’re looking for something that’s a little less cute and more scare the bejeezus out of people, you need to take inspiration from Chica the DogSpider.

What’s scarier than a dog masquerading as a giant spider lurking behind doorways, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims? You really have to see the video to appreciate its scary beauty.

Want More Outrageous Dog Outfits?

Keep checking back for more posts on outrageously cute dogs and their even more outrageous outfits. You also don’t want to miss all our posts on the most famous celebrity dogs.

*Pit bull photo credit:

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katy perry dog

5 Celebrity Dogs With Cooler Style Than You

The era of celebrity baby fashion is over (we were getting tired of North West, anyway.) 

What do the people really want?

More coverage of fashion’s newest It Girls and Guys: celebrity dogs. Don’t be jealous of the incredible outfits and blinged-out collars on these four-legged friends.

Let’s check out 5 famous dogs who make the sidewalk their runway — and who inspire you to upgrade your wardrobe.

1. Gary, First Dog To Carrie Fisher

Gary is an American legend — just like his mother, the late Princess Leia actress, was.

We don’t know too many dogs that have received full profiles in Vanity Fair, but Gary has managed to pull it off. He’s also one of the few males out there who can pull off a custom-made Thomas Farthing hat without looking like he’s auditioning for Oliver Twist.

Perhaps Gary’s most iconic look was a nod to his late mother: a headband of Princess Leia buns. Clearly, the force continues to be with Gary the French bulldog.

2. Pepper, Emmy Rossum’s Rescue Pup

If your dog has fleas, hasn’t been groomed in a while, or just isn’t looking his best, Emmy Rossum’s pup, Pepper, has the inspiring makeover story you need to hear.

Adopted from a shelter after likely running away from awful owners, Pepper now has the lifestyle most of us only dream about.

She’s frequently seen sporting bold, plaid prints in bright reds both on and off the red carpet. She’s also often featured on his mom’s Instagram account.

3. Tammy, Chelsea Handler’s Cowgirl:

chelsea handler_dog

Photo crddit: Chelsea handler, Instagram

Sometimes, the best-dressed dogs are ones who know how to stay true to their roots.

Case in point: Tammy, Chelsea Handler’s rescue pup who likes to pay tribute to her Wild West origins. Tammy frequently beats the L.A. heat by walking through the streets wearing a cowboy hat and blue bandanna.

Word is, she’s been tapped to play the part of Woody in the all-dog adaptation of Toy Story.

4. Nugget, The Street Style Master (Katy Perry)

With a mom like Katy Perry, you’d expect Nugget to have some seriously wacky style.

Instead, he’s bucked family tradition and is doing his part (along with every man in Brooklyn and Berlin) to keep the athleisure trend alive and well.

Nugget nails the laid-back, “I’ve been partying for two days straight” vibe by rocking Adidas, windbreakers, and even round glasses. When the partying catches up with him, he crashes in his mom’s Gucci backpack.

5. Giggy

Giggy, beloved Pomeranian “child” to Sur matriarch and Real Housewives fan favorite Lisa Vanderpump, needs no introduction.

From baroque costumes to full-on tuxedos, Giggy is a true risk-taker and lady killer. He frequently hangs out with Drake, Jennifer Lawrence, and even has his own agent.

Steal The Style Of These Celebrity Dogs

Whether you want to replicate the looks of these celebrity dogs for your own pup, or for your own wardrobe, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash to make your pet look like an A-lister.

Check out our website for more of the latest gossip on celebrity pets, and to see more paparazzi photos of the dogs mentioned here

*Photo credit: Katy Perry Instagram

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Parrots to Pigs: 5 Super Cute Celebrity Pets You Need to Meet

Dogs aren’t the only adorable celebrity pets around. Here are five of our favorites (and their owners) that you need to meet.

It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States alone.

While dogs and cats are usually the first things people think of when it comes to pets, there are many other species out there that make great companions.

Even celebrities have pets — but, they’re known to have unusual tastes when choosing ones to take home.

Do you have a favorite pet that belongs to a celebrity? If not, be ready to pick one from our list of the top five super cute celebrity pets.

5 Super Cute Celebrity Pets

When it comes to exotic pets, Michael Jackson’s chimps come to mind; other celebrities have even had pets like kinkajous and tigers.

Of all the celebrity pets out there, though, the cutest ones have our hearts.

Here are five of the most adorable celebrity pets:

1. Hilary Swank’s Parrot

hilary swank pet parrot

Actress Hilary Swank is the owner of an African gray parrot. These birds are known to be incredibly sociable and love to engage in repetition.

Like its cousins, parrotlets, African gray birds are extremely affectionate and intelligent. This species is one of the oldest species known to cohabitate with humans. These birds are so smart that it is believed that they even recognize the meaning of words.

2. Miley Cyrus’ Pig

miley cyrus pig

Miley Cyrus is a huge animal lover; she has quite a few pets. One of the cutest, though, is her pet pig named Pig (originally, Bubba Sue).

Cyrus debuted the pig on Instagram and posts photos of the pink pig, who has gone from little to huge over the years — it currently weighs over 50 pounds. Cyrus loves to doll her up by painting her “toes” red.

3. Taylor Swift’s Cat

taylor swift cat white

Taylor Swift / Instagram

Singer Taylor Swift has a beautiful white cat named Olivia Benson, which she got in 2014. Olivia was named after the detective on famous show Law and Order.

Swift is known to post photos of the white feline on her Instagram, and fans love her. The cat has also made appearances in Swift’s promos for Diet Coke.

*Check out the wisdom of Chairman Meow at! 

4. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Turtle

leo dicaprio pet turtle

In 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio shocked the world when he bought a Sulcata tortoise. These giant animals can weigh up to 200 pounds and live for as long as 80 years.

These amazing animals grow rapidly in their first few years of life, and then their growth slows down as they age. These animals like to live outside where they can roam freely.

5. Audrey Hepburn’s Deer

audrey hepburn pet deer

One of the most famous celebrity pets ever is a deer named Pippa, owned by Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn got the deer while filming Green Mansions in 1959; production suggested she take it home so it would learn to follow her around, and Hepburn loved the deer so much she decided to keep it post production. The two were known to run errands in Beverly Hills together.


From birds to pigs, celebrities are notorious for having interesting pets. Overall, though, they are some of the most adorable pets out there.

Looking for more cute animals? If so, check out the best dogs of Instagram that you should follow now.

best dogs follow instagram

The Dogs of Instagram That Are Too Cute Not to Follow

Can’t stand one more political post from your siblings?

Why not take to Instagram to enjoy something everyone can agree on — dogs! In this post, we’re sharing with you the top dogs of Instagram that you have to follow.

If you’re looking to get away from the constant divisive opinions (and incessant selfies), these awesome pups will do the trick!

Doug The Pug

doug pugThere is such a thing as cute wrinkles — and @itsdougthepug proves it. This pug is already a New York Times bestseller and has over 5 million Facebook likes.

Clearly, he’s doing something right!

He’s also been featured on Good Morning America, performed alongside Justin Bieber, and has his own calendar. If you’re a fan of celebrity dog culture, you have to follow Doug.

Marnie The Dog

marnie dogAre you a fan of individuality? Do you love imperfection? If so, then you have to follow f@marniethedog, one of the most famous dogs of Instagram!

Known for her permanently stuck-out tongue (Miley Cyrus would be jealous!) Marine loves a themed photo shoot. At 15 years old, this lovable Shih Tzu certainly looks fabulous — and full of life — for her age.

The perfect way to get through your mid-week slump! She’s just as much of a celebrity of the countless A-listers who follow her.

Buddy Boo Boo

buddy boo boo dogThree dogs are certainly better than one! If you love seeing dogs interact, then you simply must follow @BuddyBooBooWaggyTails.

Follow the adventurous and always fun-filled lives of Buddy, Blue, and Boo. They enjoy stealing food from their owner’s plates, napping, and supporting animal-friendly causes like the ASPCA.

They’re especially known for their elaborate costumes. These pets have dressed up as an ice cream truck driver, a bumblebee, and even jailbirds.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to take pictures of your animal, you need to make sure they’re safe. Look for items like a dog car seat or dog life jacket.

This is a great account for fashionistas to follow. You may just get some inspiration from the fabulous frocks of these four-legged friends!

Tuna Melt

tuna melt dog instagramLike Marnie, the incomparable (and meme-famous!) @tunameltsmyheart is all about embracing your flaws.

Known for an uneven jawline that makes it look like Tuna is always grinning, this account is sure to put a smile on your face!

Tuna is quite a world traveler, with Parisian-themed photo shoots and lots of other globe-trotting. She also seems to love a good doughnut!

Tuna is another dog that seems to want to use her Instagram celebrity for good. Many of her pictures point out important animal right’s issues, like opposing animal testing.

Of course, Tuna can’t be on all the time! Judging from her account, she loves to relax and sleep on her favorite sofa!

Follow These Beloved Dogs Of Instagram

Thanks to this post, your Instagram feed will no longer be full of your friend’s vacation pictures or the “amazing” accomplishments of their children.

Sometimes, you just need to get away from all the social media drama and follow a few cute dogs.

Be warned, though! If you start to follow even one of these dogs, it might not be long before you have an urge to create an Instagram account for your own adorable pooch!

Oh, also check out Lin Manuel Miranda’s Dog, Tobillo!


Lin Manuel Miranda’s Dog: A Mutt Named “Tobillio”

Lin Manuel Miranda and his dog, Tobillio: “Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel has an aging mutt named, “Tobillo” who, besides being his creative muse, has also become a bit of a star on Twitter recently. (more on that later)

lin manuel miranda dog

Lin Manuel’s dog: The story behind his name

In case you haven’t heard, the Puerto Rican Miranda’s dog is called Tobillo. There’s actually a very interesting story behind the name. Lin Manuel Miranda is of Puerto Rican decent, and “Tobillo” is the Spanish word for “ankle.” If you’re wondering why he would call his doggy such an odd name, it’s really very funny.

When he first brought the puppy home, one of the first things it did was nibble on Miranda’s future-wife’s ankle! He obviously thought that the whole thing was so hilarious that he went ahead and named the dog after the incident. Crazy, right?

Tobillo: Star of Twitter

Lin Manuel takes Tobillio to work; tweets photograph of him in front of green screen

One of the trends that we just love at the moment is taking your dog to work. After all, what could possibly be better than having your pup with you when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone? Just seeing their cute little face should be enough to brighten your day at the best of times.

One person who knows just how much joy an office dog can bring is none other than the rather wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda. The massively talented actor, writing, and (yes!) rapper recently took his little doggy to work with him. In fact, the little pup looked seriously happy while he was hanging out in Lin’s suave-looking office.

As you probably already know from his shenanigans, Miranda likes to have fun now and then. So, he recently posted a picture on Twitter of the cute little Tobillo in front of a green screen. Why, you ask? Well, he wanted to set the online world a sneaky little challenge.

“I brought my dog Tobi to work and took her picture in front of the green screen for y’all,” Miranda tweeted. Yep, he was basically asking people to Photoshop his pup.

The results were utterly hilarious. It seems that many people had nothing better to do with their day than spend time editing pictures of the pup. Some of the best (edited!) photos included ones that mimicked famous posters, ones that were just weird, and ones that put the dog’s face on people’s heads! Here are some of our favorites:

Tobillo: The Phantom of the Opera!

Now, we’re not sure if this is intentional or not, but ‘perra’ means female dog in Spanish. Either the person spelled the word wrong (oops!) or they were trying to make a funny pun in the title. We’re hoping it’s the latter! This is one of the best Photoshopped pictures we’ve seen in a long time. And, hey, why shouldn’t Tobillo take a starring role, eh?

This “Tobillo” Moana-inspired tweet:

Moana was one of the biggest kids’ movies of the year in 2016. If you didn’t quite catch it, you’re sure to find this particular picture seriously confusing. Still, you have to admire the Photoshop skills that its creator has.

Of course, Miranda loved the pictures. This was exactly what he’d been asking for. What’s more, he went ahead and retweeted some of his favorites. They are so worth checking out if you have time! Also, be sure to follow Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter to catch new photos of his dog!

Here’s some more photos of Miranda’s dog:

lin manuel miranda family dog

lin manuel miranda family dog (he hides his son’s face online)