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Paris Hilton Adds a Kitty!


Paris Hilton has added another pet to her collection! This time she tweets that she adopted a kitten yesterday, July 28, 2009! No pics of it yet, but here’s one of sister Nicky’s kitty til we get it!

Paris named her new kitty “Princess Annabelle”. Cute…..They probably snuggled up together last night to watch Mama on MTV’s “Paris Not France”.


Is Jennifer Aniston’s Norman a Diva?



Rumors are that Jennifer Aniston has been driving the crew on her latest movie ‘The Baster” doggone nuts with her doggie demands! Sources say that they must cater to the 13 year- old Norman’s every need including feeding him organic people-food, providing his own chair next to the director and scheduling appointments with a doggy masseuse!

Well, really! Who wouldn’t be looking out for their pup’s best welfare if they had the wherewithall to do it?  Maybe she needs to hire somene to do the walking and picking up after her pup though……the crew has other things to deal with I think.

I wonder if Norman is giving the director any pointers?


Martha Stewart’s Pups vs. The O’Reilly Factor


Clutch the pearls! The battle is ON!

We recently told you about Martha Stewart’s illustrious and obviously brilliant pups, Francesca and Sharkey having their very own blog, “The Daily Wag”.

Well, political commentator Bill O’Reilly must have read it here, because he went on national television and DISSED our girls! GASP!

He called the idea of them having a blog was “very dopey” and said “pinheads” must be involved! The gall!

Martha has not made a public comment regarding the travesty, but Sharkey and Francesca have blogged about it and you can read it  HERE.

Shame on you, Mr. O’Reilly…talk about “The No-Spin Zone”….we think he’s chasing his tail!

Photo Credit: Martha


Stylist to the Stars Let’s Dog Pee on Clothing

Stylist to the stars Jessica Paster makes clients like Kate Hudson and Jessica Simpson look flawless, but she’s got some cleaning up to do at home. Paster, who charges up to $5,000 a day to clothe the young and nubile, held a “cattle-casting call” for a new assistant last week, according to spies. But some of the prospective employees were horrified when they showed up to Paster’s Hollywood Hills home and found a nightmare inside.

One interviewee revealed the following:

We had to wait in line and were called in to see her one by one. It was a mess. There were disorganized racks of dresses and piles of clothing she had pulled from designers all over the floor. Her little dog peed everywhere – including on the clothes – throughout the day, and we had to follow it around and clean up after it. It smelled.

For their efforts, the interviewees were served the only thing in the house: Lean Cuisine and Red Bull. Paster couldn’t be reached, and a rep didn’t return e-mails.