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Demi Moore Feeds the World One Whale At a Time!





 Actress Demi Moore visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA with her nephews June 18th, 2009 and got up-close and personal with a Beluga whale!

She helped feed one and kissed another.  And remarked that the fish don’t smell bad; but their food stinks, LOL!

Demi is immersed in helping to end hunger in America, having directed a video for Kelloggs Cares in their Fighting to End Hunger campaign.  You can see the video HERE.

I wonder if the Beluga got pics to show his friends that he really kissed her!


Demi Moore Reveals a New Puppy Addition

Demi Moore

In the spring issue of V magazine, available for purchase on Monday, Demi Moore revealed her thoughts and opinions about Ashton coming into a female heavy family, returning to Hollywood and steering her daughters in life. She also revealed the following about their dogs:

Recently we added a male puppy to our family mix. We had all female dogs before that.”

We need to find out more about this male puppy!