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Dogs Found Buried at DMX Home had Wounds

Two dogs found buried at a home belonging to DMX (whose real name is Earl Simmons) had serious wounds, said authorities investigating animal neglect allegations.

One of the dogs had serious bite wounds and another had trauma to its abdomen, but exact causes of death were not determined, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Saturday. A third dog carcass had been burned so badly an exam was inconclusive.

The remains were dug up on Aug. 24, when sheriff’s investigators probing allegations of animal neglect raided the rapper’s home in north Phoenix.

Authorities also seized 12 live pit bulls, numerous weapons, and about a quarter-ounce of marijuana in a bedroom, Arpaio said. The sheriff initially said a half-pound of suspected narcotics was found, but tests showed the substance was not illegal drugs.

No charges had been filed against the rapper or anyone else, but Arpaio said that may change.

“Someone’s going to have to pay for this,” the sheriff said. “We have 12 dogs who were abused and three dogs buried in the yard _ someone’s going to have to pay.”

A lawyer for the 36-year-old rapper, has said DMX was not at the home during the raid, hadn’t been there for months and was paying caretakers and veterinarians to care for his animals.

Murray Richman on Saturday questioned how the sheriff could connect his client to any alleged animal abuse.

“How do you attribute activities to a person who has not been there, when they have knowledge that other persons have been,” Richman said. “Is it because of the celebrity nature?”



Pit Bulls Seized from DMX’s Home


Update: TMZ has new info about canine corpses being found on the site. Read it here.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies removed 12 distressed pit bulls from the Phoenix area home of rapper-turned-actor DMX in a raid that also found a number of firearms, police said on Friday. DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, 36, was not at home during the raid.

“We served an initial search warrant for animal neglect, and 12 pit bulls were removed,” Chagolla reported.

Chagolla said no arrests have been made in connection with the raid. He said an ongoing investigations at the home “would determine what charges may be bought and against and whom.”

Simmons has sold 20 million albums. The most recent, Year of the Dog … Again was brought out last year. The cover depicts DMX restraining a snarling pit bull on a chain.

He is best known as actor for appearances in films including Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds in 2002 he pleaded guilty in New Jersey for animal cruelty for neglecting 13 pit bulls, according to news reports. As part of his sentence he did a public service announcement against animal abuse.

Chagolla said the dogs are now in the care of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He added that it had not been determined if the dogs were involved in fighting.


DMX Loses Court Case over Dog Apparel

A court ruling has taken a bite out of rapper DMX for failing to fulfill a contract to promote a clothing line for dogs including caps, scarves, raincoats and bomber jackets.

The 36-year-old rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was ordered to pay a $242,000 judgment to Amusing Diversions Inc., a company that produced and marketed the canine clothing line, named for his dog Boomer 129.

“DMX, it appears, is known for his growl and bark and is called Pit Bull (which according to the evidence … he has tattooed on his back),” noted Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Jane Goodman’s ruling, announced Tuesday.

His longtime lawyer, Murray Richman, said he hadn’t heard of the case and it was possible Simmons didn’t have an attorney working on it. He said Simmons couldn’t be reached for comment.

The business relationship got off to a good start but turned sour after Simmons failed to promote the merchandise on TV, at concerts and other public events as called for by the contract, and also publicized competitors, causing substantial damages to the plaintiff, the court said.

In the July 25 ruling, the court said Simmons had repeatedly ignored court proceedings and orders and that his attorney had been excused at the rapper’s request.

Source: AP