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Giggle Photo of the Day

Scuba Diving Chihuahua

Take a look at this scuba diving Chihuahua, is this hilarious or what? The funny costume made it possible for five-year-old Mondex to win a canine fashion show in the Philippines.

Word has it he almost lost out to a wranglin’ Chihuahua dressed as a cowboy who came in second place 😉


Do You Know Your Celebrities and Their Dogs?

We of course got a perfect score 😉 How about you? Take the celebrity/dog quiz by OK! magazine by matching the pooch with their star owner – bonus points if you know the dogs’s name too 🙂

Keep reading to go to the quiz, you can check your answers at the end.

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Michael Vick Gets Chewed On

Vick Dog Chew Toy

We read about this a couple of days ago and we weren’t going to include it on our site but after getting over 20 tips about this, I guess you guys think this is worth mentioning so here it is:

A Michael Vick dog chew toy – we’re not advocating this toy in any way – we’re unsure of the material used to make it or if it’s safe for your dog. More info including the ability to purchase one can be found here.