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New, New, New Dog-Themed Reality Series Starts Tonight!!





This is so awesome!   TV is really going to the dogs in a big way!

HGTV is premiering   Leader of the Pack   TONIGHT April 26th,  8 PM/7c! 

It’s being billed as a family’s search for the dog that will complete their happy home. One family, one house, and 8 dogs, but only one dog will be making their forever home with the Reckseits, composed of the parents and 3 children. Who are all in agreement that a dog would complete their lives, but havent’ come to a decision on which kind of dog that will be compatible with their family.

The Reckseits will choose 8 dogs to take home and live with them, putting them all to a series of challenges to test their skills and compatibility with the family. Each week, one dog will be eliminated and sent to another loving home, so 7 of these dogs WILL be adopted by other parties, but one dog will reign supreme as the Reckseit’s Leader of The Pack!

It looks and sounds like such a fun show; seeing 8 very different dogs with very different personality traits interact with the family. One episode will feature a pet psychic who’ll be trying to understand how the dogs are feeling about their potential new home and another episode will feature a Doggie Fashion Show!  But the best thing is, 8 dogs find a great new  home, and I’m sure it will help the other dogs who are featured (there’s 12 in all at the beginning) find homes too. And that’s a GOOD THING!

This is a limited series, so don’t miss it!  You can meet the adorable canine cast (I’ve already chosen the ones I want them to pick!) HERE.


Martha Stewart’s Pups vs. The O’Reilly Factor


Clutch the pearls! The battle is ON!

We recently told you about Martha Stewart’s illustrious and obviously brilliant pups, Francesca and Sharkey having their very own blog, “The Daily Wag”.

Well, political commentator Bill O’Reilly must have read it here, because he went on national television and DISSED our girls! GASP!

He called the idea of them having a blog was “very dopey” and said “pinheads” must be involved! The gall!

Martha has not made a public comment regarding the travesty, but Sharkey and Francesca have blogged about it and you can read it  HERE.

Shame on you, Mr. O’Reilly…talk about “The No-Spin Zone”….we think he’s chasing his tail!

Photo Credit: Martha


Television is Going to the Dogs

Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart

Today was a good day for television viewing for dog lovers~ The Martha Stewart Show devoted an entire episode to dogs:  care, fashion, do-it-yourself projects, food and toys for our best friends; and Rachael Ray’s segment today featured Jay Mohr and his wife Nikki Cox, who brought along her super-cute “teacup” Yorkie (of course we know there’s no such thing as a “teacup yorkie”, but using her description here).

Check out the Rachael Ray clip HERE

and get all the details and projects from Martha’s show  HERE


Reality Shows Go to the Dogs – Fur Real!

Jai Rodriguez

OK all you dog lovers, get ready for the reality show of your life! 😆

Animal Planet enters the world of real dog-style with the premiere of its new competition series, Groomer Has It hosted by Jai Rodriguez best known for his stint on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Rodriguez himself is the owner of two Yorkshire Terriers, Nemo and Dory. Groomer Has It sniffs out 12 of America’s most devout dog groomers to compete against each other in a test of desire, creativity and affinity for animals as they shave, shear and shampoo their way through a series of challenges that will crown only one as “Groomer of the Year.” The contestants will be put through their paces to see who can turn the shaggiest pooch into a beautiful, prancing pup beginning this Saturday, April 12, at 9 PM (ET/PT).

These self-proclaimed best groomers will live together in a swanky Los Angeles loft the “Dog House;” work elbow-to-elbow in one salon; and face grooming challenges that range from styling pups for their runway debut to grooming some of the most exotic dog breeds to making adoptable pups look their fetchingly best for new homes. After each challenge, Jai and our outspoken panel of judges, including esteemed veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan, champion dog handler Xavier Santiago and leading U.S. grooming expert Joey Villani will decide which contestant does not make the cut. The grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $50,000, a mobile grooming salon from Wag’n Tails Mobile Grooming and the title of “Groomer of the Year” — three prizes totaling $125,000 that could jump-start the groomers’ careers and change their lives. Each of these groomers thinks he/she has what it takes to be top dog in this competition, but in reality, only one … GROOMER HAS IT.

How many of YOU will watch?



Dogs on TV: Digby from ‘Pushing Daisies’




If you’re a fan of ABC’s Pushing Daisies (and if you’re not what are you waiting for?) then you must love the cute cast featuring Lee Pace, Kristin Chenoweth, Anna Friel and Chi McBride, and Digby, the beautiful female golden retriever who is, according to Pushing Daisies Wikipedia, played by two dogs, Orbit and Orion.

We could only find info on Orbit for now who also starred in the movie For the Love of a Dog alongside Sherman Hemsley but if you know of info about Orion, send it over! We’re contacting ABC to see what we can dig up. Woof!

Digby Digby Orbit