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Eva Longoria Parker Gets a Playmate for Jinxy

Eva Longoria Parker

How cute is this? We just got word from Eva‘s publicist that Eva did indeed get a new puppy, a female black pug she named, Oprah.

Eva made the new addition to the family on Monday. We hope Jinx, Eva’s Maltese who was also on hand at the pet store, is being a gracious host to the new doggie 😉 You know, showing her around the water bowl and such 😆

Eva  Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker


Jinxy and Eva Longoria Inside the Pages of InStyle

Eva Longoria and Jinxy

Desperate Housewives actress, Eva Longoria, lands the cover of the March issue of InStyle magazine. She shows off her closet and the 50 pair of jeans she owns.

Jinxy obviously decided to make the photo shoot more glamorous by fixating herself in one of the shots 😉

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