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Diesel the Pit Bull (Friendly, Cuddly) Instagram Star!

Diesel the famous Instagram Pitbull – Pitbulls have a bad rap, but, Diesel the Pit Bull is changing a lot of people’s stereotypes about the breed. Everyday he reminds thousands of Instagram followers how awesome and gentle most Pit Bulls are with some pretty amazing Instagram photos.

Diesel was adopted at 10 months old after being neglected and mistreated from family that no longer could care for him.

“You’ve come a long way, baby.”

Well, you couldn’t guess that now, as Diesel is a handsome, spoiled “Pibble” living with a loving family in Virginia.

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Even though I have these ugly shaved spots, I’m still one good looking dog ? – Diesel Update! – The specialist was able to drain about 500 ml of fluid from Diesel’s chest. It’s amazing how much better he’s breathing since doing that! We sent the fluid to the lab to be tested to see if there were any potential cancer cells. The doctor called us last night with the lab results. Everything came back negative, so no cancer cells were seen! This is great news, but we still have no answers as to what is causing this fluid buildup. His next recommendation is to see another specialist/surgeon to do a CT Scan and potential surgery. We scheduled an appointment for Monday. We’re hoping this is the last stop to getting answers! We are also keeping our fingers crossed that the fluid doesn’t build back up before going. If it does, he will have to get his chest tapped again prior to the CT Scan. We’re so close to answers! – Again, thank you all for being so amazing! I know I’ve said it all before, but you guys are making this so much better for us. All of the DM’s and comments mean the word to us! I never realized how many people love my sweet boy until this happened. You’re truly amazing and all of your positive vibes and prayers seem to be helping! Thank you thank you thank you!!! ???? – #endbsl #diesel #swag #cool #pitbullsofficial #pitbull #pittiesofig #pitbullsofinstagram #loversnotfighters #ShowUsYourPits #bluepitbull #dontbullymybreed #dogsofinstagram #handsome #WeLovePitbulls #standupforpits #loveabull #saturday #pitbulladvocate #proudpitbull_featureĀ #fierce #smile #happy #happiness #boy #bestfriend #rescue #adoptdontshop This is an entry to win a years wardrobe form @darrenandphillip #darrenandphillip

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