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Jamie Foxx has a Thing for Rotties

Jamie Foxx

When asked by InStyle magazine how he plans to spend his 40th birthday coming up this December, Jamie Foxx had this to say:

I’m doing a New Jack City thing because everyone knows that’s my favorite movie. I want to dress up as Wesley Snipes in an electric-blue suit without a shirt on, carry a bottle of Dom Pérignon, have some rottweilers next to me. Just some fun stuff. I can’t wait.”


Jamie Foxx Speaks Out on Vick


Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson recently sat down with Jamie Foxx for a candid talk about Jamie’s new gig – and even a hot button topic from the world of sports – Michael Vick’s dog fighting charges.

Jamie is busy doing his thing on The Foxxhole, his weekly show on Sirius Satellite Radio show. And while an incredible LG Beach House in Malibu provides a spectacular summer backdrop, no subject is off-limits with Jamie, as Shaun found out during her stay as a special guest.

“Is he really going to jail?” Jamie asked Shaun about Michael Vick.

“Yes, he’s going to plea bargain,” Shaun said.

Although Vick has been almost universally condemned since agreeing to plead guilty to dog fighting conspiracy, according to Foxx, people should not be so quick to judge the NFL star.

“It’s a cultural thing, I think,” Jamie said. “Most brothers didn’t know that, you know. I used to see dogs fighting in the neighborhood all the time. I didn’t know that was Fed time. So, mike probably just didn’t read his handbook on what not to do as a black star.”

While he has a way of lightening even the most sensitive of subjects, Jamie is sincere in his belief that the quarterback is not being given a fair shake.

“I know that cruelty to animals is bad, but sometimes people shoot people and kill people and don’t get time,” Jamie continued. “I think in this situation, he really didn’t know the extent of it, so I always give him the benefit of the doubt.”