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jennifer aniston dog norman

Jennifer Aniston's dog Norman

Aniston Dog Tattoo

Aniston Dog Tattoo

Jennifer Aniston who recently lost her beloved dog, Normon, (a 15 year old Corgi/ Westie mix) has honored the dog with a small tattoo on the inside of her right foot.

This is the first tattoo for the 42 year old actress, whose inspiration for the permanent tribute may have come from new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, who has several tattoos on his body.

A constant source of tabloid fodder, Aniston always saw her dog as a loyal  companion, even through her divorce with Brad Pitt. Sources report that Aniston broke the news to Pitt, who reportedly took it hard, as Brad was close to the little dog.

It isn’t known whether Jennifer will get another dog soon, but if she and Justin get engaged we think you can count on a puppy entering their lives.

Jennifer Aniston’s Normon Dog Tattoo
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Jennifer Aniston Is a Good Samaritan!

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on July 20th, 2009

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Actress Jennifer Aniston was seen on set of “The Bounty”, her newest flick, in the West Village, NYC July 16, 2009.

She demonstrated her poop-scooping finesse, helping an older woman out after it looks like her pup ‘went’ on the sidewalk.

How does Jen manage to look so glamorous even when she’s picking up dog poop is what I want to know!


Photo Credit: Splash News


Jennifer Aniston Two-Timing Norman?

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on June 26th, 2009

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Actress Jennifer Aniston, in Atlantic City, NJ was seen petting a dog on set of “The Bounty” June 24, 2009!

Wonder what Norman would think?


Photo Credit: Splash News


Is Jennifer Aniston’s Norman a Diva?

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on May 25th, 2009

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Rumors are that Jennifer Aniston has been driving the crew on her latest movie ‘The Baster” doggone nuts with her doggie demands! Sources say that they must cater to the 13 year- old Norman’s every need including feeding him organic people-food, providing his own chair next to the director and scheduling appointments with a doggy masseuse!

Well, really! Who wouldn’t be looking out for their pup’s best welfare if they had the wherewithall to do it?  Maybe she needs to hire somene to do the walking and picking up after her pup though……the crew has other things to deal with I think.

I wonder if Norman is giving the director any pointers?