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Fergie & Josh Duhamel Feature Dogs in Christmas Card

Don't eat the yellow snow!

fergie josh duhamel dogs

Fergie, Josh, & Dachshund

Fergie & Josh Christmas Card – Like many of us, this year’s Christmas card from Fergie and Josh Duhamel features their dogs; in this case a caricature of their Dachshunds named Meatloaf and Zoe.

When asked by US Weekly what she wants for Christmas, Fergie replied, “For my dogs to use the bathroom outside!”

fergie dachshunds

Fergie w/ Meatloaf & Zoe

Nice touch that one of the dogs is writing, “Happy Holidays” in pee on snowman Josh. (well, at least they are outside!) In any event, the card is a nice contrast to the cold & obnoxious Kardashian card this year.

Looks like Fergie won’t be ringing in the new year with her wiener dogs this year, as she is due to be in LA hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.


Josh Duhamel Is a Good Doggie Daddy

Josh Duhamel

 Josh Duhamel is seen cradling his Dachshund, Zoey after picking her up on February 3rd at the Animal Surgical and Emergency Center in Westwood, CA. Hope it wasn’t anything serious!

Zoey was recently seen dressed in a doggie wedding dress for Josh and Fergie’s wedding in January of this year. She’s a busy girl!

Josh will be appearing in Transformers 2, out this summer!