Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall Opens Harrods Summer Sale

by CDW Contributor: Taj M. on June 30th, 2008

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Kim Cattrall

Actress Kim Cattrall offered her celebrity status today at the opening day of Harrod’s summer sale in London.

Like every celebrity who is lending themselves to the occasion, Kim held a couple of puppies from Harrod’s pet department.

We sure hope these puppies aren’t from any puppy mills!


Kim Cattrall & Her Doggie Friend at the Beach

by CDW Contributor: Taj M. on January 9th, 2008

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Kim Cattall

Kim Cattrall continues to film scenes for the much anticipated film, Sex and the City: The Movie on a beach in Los Angeles while wearing a bikini yesterday along with the pooch that’s been seen with her on many occasions lately.

We have to say, Kim is looking pretty hot, she’s aging gracefully!

Kim CattrallKim CattrallKim CattrallKim Cattrall

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Kim Cattrall: Glamorous Dog Walker

by CDW Contributor Leila on December 17th, 2007

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Kim Catrall

Kim Cattrall took a pooch for a walk while filming a commercial for a new hybrid Mercedes on Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive yesterday.

Cattrall carried a Nancy Gonzalez handbag and a leash and collar for her pup designed by Gonzalez too!

There’s been different reports about this candid, some say it’s more SATC movie shots, some say it’s for the commercial – I guess we’ll find out when the movie comes out but I’m starting to think it’s for the movie now, this is the same dog we’ve seen her with on a lot of shoots.


Kim Cattrall on the Movie Set of ‘Sex and the City’

by CDW Contributor Kelly on October 18th, 2007

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Kim Cattrall

Guess who was spotted with a dog yesterday on the set of Sex and the City? It’s Samantha Jones, the character filled by actress Kim Cattrall.

Looks like she’s on the verge of having a Basic Instinct moment… that Samantha!

More pics if you keep reading…

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