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Kristin Cavallari Recuperates After “Breakdown”



“The Hills” series and “Spring Breakdown” filmstar Kristin Cavallari relaxes at Joan’s on Third Cafe in Los Angeles July 2, 2009 by playing with a little French Bulldog while she had lunch with a friend.

I bet she wished she’d brought her little Rocco with her!

She has a way with doggies; it looks like the pooch doesn’t want to leave! So cute!


SPL111031_001 SPL111031_005

SPL111031_006 SPL111031_009

Photo Credit: Splash News


Kristin Cavallari and Rocco’s Bikini Bash

 Kristin Cavallari

Actress Kristin Cavallari  and her Yorkie Rocco made a special appearance yesterday, March 14, 2009 at Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Second Annual Bikini Bash presented by Nivea in Miami, Florida.

Is it my imagination, but is Rocco getting more handsome by the minute? Of course, Kristin couldn’t get anymore gorgeous!

 Kristin will be starring in the upcoming movie “Van Wilder : Freshman Year ” scheduled to release March 17, 2009.

Photo Credit: Splash News


Cuddle Time! Kristin Cavallari & the Pup

Kristin Cavallari

Who does this cute little pup belong to? We’ve got our feelers out to Kristin‘s publicist and we’re wondering if she just couldn’t resist cuddling up to the feel of puppy fur or if she’s a new mom again.

Pics were taken on the 4th in Malibu. We’ll let you know if we find out more info!

Just heard back from Kristin’s publicist, it’s not her dog!  in the meantime, there are new coupons and promo codes for things like coupons for 20% off at petcarerx