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Michelle Rodriguez Palms a Pom

Michelle Rodriguez

Out in West Hollywood yesterday, Michelle Rodriguez was seen walking with this cute furry pomeranian after having lunch with friends. Did she get a puppy of her own or is this another friend’s dog? She’s also often seen with two yorkies at times but those aren’t her dogs either!

Update 6/30: We just heard from Leigh over at who told us that the dog belongs to the parents of one of her friends. To us, it looks like Michelle loves dogs, she needs to give in to the urge and get one of her own to love 😉


Michelle Rodridguez and those Yorkies Again

It’s killing me, really killing me that I don’t know if these dogs are hers or not and what their names are. That’s all I have to say right now.

Actually no, there’s more. I’m going to stay pretty pissed off about it until I find out. OK I’m done now.

These pics were taken on February 28th on the patio of Mauro’s Cafe at the Fred Segal clothing store in West Hollywood.

Update: Leigh, who runs Michelle’s official website, just informed us the following info about the Yorkies – The dogs are her friend’s (she loves to take them out for walks)….he told me the big one is Maddix (male) and the ‘lil one is Dita (female). Thanks Leigh!!!


Michelle Rodriguez and her Pups

Michelle Rodriguez

Who knew? We’ve seen Michelle out with ONE Yorkie but we didn’t know she had in fact, TWO! No word yet on the names – we’re working on that now but if someone reading this knows, shout it out! 🙂

Update: A reader just informed us these are in fact, NOT Michelle’s dogs but a friends even though she’s always seen with one or both dogs. Thanks Jackie for the info!