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Milla Jovovich Takes a Family Stroll in Hollywood

Milla Jovovich

Thirty-two year old model-turned-actress Milla Jovovich and a guy we think is her fiancé, film writer and director, Paul W. S. Anderson took Ever Gabo Jovovich Anderson almost four months and a dog we’ve seen Milla with before in the past out in Hollywood this weekend.

Update: Finally! We just got info from Milla’s publicist. The dog’s name is Oliver Cromwell, a giant Schnauzer and a little over a year old.

Milla Jovovich Gives Good Treats

Milla Jovovich

Out with a friend this weekend at the LA eatery, Mel’s Diner, Milla Jovovich gave what looks like a Greenie to the pooch that joined them for lunch.

Milla actually has two miniature Maltese, Madness and Bubbles.

I have two miniature Maltese, and they are so spoiled! I take them to Three Dog Bakery where they have fresh-baked sugar-free dog biscuits every day. They also have these little “pupcakes” with all-organic whipped cream that my dogs love. We go there every day.”

Stay tuned for our Milla picture post of her and her dogs this week 🙂