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Million Dollar Dog

red tibetan mastiff dog

Million Dollar Baby - Hong Dong

Red Tibetan Mastiff Dog Sells for $1.5 Million

If you thought that the thousands of dollars some celebrities pay for purebred puppies is a lot, consider Hong Dong, (meaning “big splash” in Chinese”) the Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy who just sold for well over $1 million dollars in Shanghai.

Tibetan Mastiffs have become extremely popular recently with Chinese elite, as the the prestigious large breed is thought to be purely Chinese, rarely being found outside of Tibet. (and not yet owned by Paris Hilton)

Once owned by public figures including Genghis Khan, the Tibetan Mastiff can grow to be over 200 pounds and is known to be an excellent guard dog. The dog can actually be seen as a good investment, as stud fees for Tibetan Mastiffs can reach $15,000.

Hong Dong takes the “world’s most expensive dog” title form another Tibetan Mastiff, Yangtze River Number Two, who was sold in 2009 for over $600,000. After being purchased, Yangtze River Number Two returned to his new home in a motorcade of 30 black limousines.

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The Dog that Got into Hitler’s Head

nazi dog salute

Jackie and Berg Pissed off nazis

Jackie: Mutt War Hero – Documents that were recently unearthed in the political archives of the German Foreign Ministry reveal details of an interesting footnote in history; a dog that mocked, and angered Hitler himself.

According to the documents, during WWII Nazis were enraged to learn about a mixed-breed dog named “Jackie” in Finland who earned the nickname “hitler” because of how  it would raise its paw in the air in what looked to be a mock “heil hitler” salute.

According to records, officials in Berlin heard about the dog’s strange habit, and ordered German diplomats in Finland to investigate and gather evidence. Soon, the dog’s owner, Tor Berg, was ordered to the German embassy in Helsinki for questioning.

As the scandal grew,  more ministries were involved including the foreign office in Berlin, the economy ministry and hitler’s chancellery. German suppliers were ordered by the nazis to end cooperation with Berg, who owned a pharmaceutical wholesale company. Records also show nazi  plans to destroy Berg’s company.

However, witnesses against Jackie and her owner were not willing to testify in court. As WWII progressed, attention to the matter was eventually diverted. Although Jackie was never given official credit as a war hero, the momentum in the war soon shifted in Russia’s favor against the Germans.

Stories like this, (along with the fact that one of Hitler’s last acts was to order the execution his own German Shepherd, Blondi) help to solidify his title as history’s biggest bastard. Thanks to Jim Dumont in Newtown, Pa


Kelly Osbourne’s Dog Woody Dies

kelly osbourne dog woodySad news this week that Kelly Osbourne’s Dog, a Pomeranian named “Woody” has died unexpectedly.

It’s been an awful few days for Kelly, as she also recently announced her split from fiancee  Luke Worrall. “My life just could not get any worst (sic) right now,” she tweeted. “I come home to find my dog woody is dead.”

Kelly was reportedly in Las Vegas for several days, celebrating a friend’s birthday and recovering from her breakup before returning to find the dog dead.

The dog was her second Pomeranian, (she got a Pom named, “Sid” last year as a birthday gift)and she got him just a few weeks ago from a breeder in West Virginia. She had traveled there to get a new dog for her dad, Ozzy, who lost a dog last year to a coyote.


One Small Step for Dogs, One Giant Leap for Dogkind!


 Dog history has been made once again!

This time, it’s in the cinema field!

Eli, the Chihuahua is one of the very few dogs to have their own listing on IMDB!  Too cute! Up ’til now, “they” said it couldn’t be done!

It’s a big achievement when you think about all the dogs who have had starring roles in television and film and so few of THEM are listed on the IMDB.

You might recognize Eli from the small dog MilkBone biscuit boxes. That’s him!  Eli has appeared in many in-print magazines gracing multiple covers and fashion shows, “pawticipates” in many charity dogwalks and parades and is generally the “dog-about-town” in the Big Apple!

Eli’s owner, Karen Biehl has long been Eli’s champion and is seeing to it that credit is given where credit is due!

We applaud you Karen, for being such a great advocate for your budding star! And now, you can officially be called a “stage-dog mom”, LOL!

Eli will be appearing in a short film being screened at the New York Latino Film Festival July 30, in NYC  called “Dog Run” and Eli himself will be making a personal appearance!

 Eli’s message – don’t listen to the naysayers who say things can’t be done.  Make your
own rules!  WOOF 🙂

We hope to bring you an interview with Eli the Chihuahua and his owner Karen soon, so keep checking back!


Photo Credit: Petographs by Ixiana Hernandez


And You Think Your Dog Is Smart?




This is too cute!  This is Willow The Reading Dog! Seriously.

Willow is an English Terrier mix that can actually obey written commands! He’s pictured below with his owner, Lyssa Rosenberg in Manhattan proving his amazing abilities!

Maybe THAT’S the secret; my dogs just don’t know how to read yet! 


31499PCN_ReadingDog   31499PCN_ReadingDog


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


Bo Bites!




Our First DOTUS, Bo, the Portugese Water Dog, bites a television camera’s microphone in the Rose Garden of the White House during President Obama’s departure to Saudi Arabia for the first stop on his trip to the Middle East and Europe June 2, 2009 in Washington DC.

I’m starting to think that maybe the First Family should have listened to Cesar Millan awhile back when he gave them a little advice about who the “alpha dog” should be!