Oprah’s Sadie is a Covergirl!

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on May 12th, 2009

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Oprah Winfrey’s new pup, Cocker Spaniel Sadie graces the cover of the June issue of “O” magazine; The Animal Issue!

Sadie’s getting cuter by the day, isn’t she? That’s her on Oprah’s right shoulder, just like an angel!

After her bout of Parvo when she was just 11 weeks old, Sadie has made a full recovery! Stay well, Sadie!

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Awwww…..how could you resist sending just a little something to such a cute new member of the First Family?

Oprah  Winfrey certainly couldn’t, and we don’t blame her!  And who wouldn’t love a new doggie bed and cashmere blanket? I bet Bo is all snuggled up in them when he’s not advising the President!

Credit: InTouch May4, 2009

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Oprah’s Sadie Ready For Spring!

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on April 13th, 2009

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We have an update on Oprah Winfrey’s little cocker spaniel rescue pup Sadie, who had parvo just after Oprah brought her home and it’s WONDERFUL news! It looks like Sadie’s parvo nightmare is a fading memory.

Sadie is getting better every day and is growing up fast! Here’s the darling little girl looking like she’s ready to play during a photo shoot!

Such a happy development and encouraging news to anyone who has had or has, a dog going through the same situation. Congratulations to Oprah and all those involved with Sadie’s recovery and recuperation!

Sadie’s going to be one beautiful doggy~ another reason to never rule out adopting a dog from a shelter!

Photo Credit: Harpo


Happy Day for Oprah and Sadie!

by CDW Contributor Seana N. on March 30th, 2009

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Oprah Winfrey 

 After nearly two weeks of veterinarian care, Oprah Winfrey’s  3-month-old Sadie has returned home, making a full recovery from Parvo.

Sadie, a 3-month-old Cocker Spaniel, went home last Friday and is “doing really well,” said her spokeswoman, who described Winfrey as “pleased.”

It’s always great to hear such good news! Hope all of little Sadie’s health problems are behind her and she can live a long and happy life!

 Photo Credit: Harpo