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Melissa Rycroft’s Riley is Loved!




Former Bachelor disastrous cast-off,  Dancing With The Stars finalist and soon to be special correspondant for Good Morning America (whew!) Melissa Rycroft snapped this sweet photo of her freshly minted fiancee, Tye Strickland and her pup Riley at home watching tv.

Awwww….doncha’ just love it when it works out like this?


Leonard Nimoy Takes a Break in Vancouver


Leonard Nimoy, AKA “Spock” appears to be taking a break in his film career July 30, 2009  in Vancouver, BC.

And when in Vancouver, he does as the other celebs do when they’re visiting the beautiful city:   they find Tika the Poodle and have themselves photographed with her!

Leonard stopped out in front of his hotel on the way in to pose for photos with fans, including the adorable Canadian pooch!


Photo Credit: Splash News


Jon Gosselin Reunited with Shoka and Nala




 TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight’s Jon Gosselin returned to his Reading, PA home and his pups July 29, 2009.

A film crew followed Jon and German Shepherds Shoka and Nala as they directed the kids in a scavenger hunt. Later, Jon was seen tossing a frisbee for the dogs.

I wonder if the dogs get confused with all the in/out/coming/going going on there!  They seem to be pretty content though.


Photo Credit: Splash News


Kendra Wilkinson Works Out, Then Works Dogs Out




Newlyweds, former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett worked out at LA Fitness in Los Angeles July 25, 2009 and then took Kendra’s pups Martini and Raskal out for their own workout at a nearby park.

Kendra’s starting to show a little bump under her “All You Need is Love” t-shirt!  Very cute!

Martini and Raskal will have another face to lick pretty soon! Kendra is due on Christmas Day!

90726m1_wilkinson_b-gr_021-crop   90726m1_wilkinson_b-gr_031-crop

90726m1_wilkinson_b-gr_052-crop   90726m1_wilkinson_b-gr_061-crop

90726m1_wilkinson_b-gr_091   90726m1_wilkinson_b-gr_111

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin


Julianne Hough Hangs Out with Lexi


Country singer and Dancing With The Stars darling Julianne Hough and her Lexi clowned around at home July 26, 2009

Two hot girls just hanging out together….or maybe I should say, hanging ON, LOL!

Seriously, I just don’t think they could get any cuter if they TRIED!

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