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Tori Spelling: Second Annual “Bow Wow WOW” Event

Tori Spelling and Dean

Tori Spelling

Much Love’s official spokeswoman and honorary board member, Tori Spelling stepped out with husband Dean McDermott to show her support for the event and to drum up donations for the Mimi La Rue fund to help sick and injured animals.

My beloved pug Mimi La Rue who passed away last month was truly one of the great loves of my life. She was an inspiration to all and touched everyone’s lives who came in to contact with her. I originally bought Mimi at a pet store. At the time, like a lot of people, I was uninformed and clueless when it came to rescue work. I had no idea how awful it was to buy a dog from a store instead of rescuing them. Today I am a huge supporter of animal rescue and I often say that the day I bought Mimi was truly my first act of rescue work unbeknownst to myself. Mimi came with a slew of medical problems from the get go. I blame this on the ignorance of pet stores who purchase from puppy mills and contribute to the continuation of inbreeding which causes all sorts of health problems in dogs. At 6 months old Mimi had to have hip surgery. She was also diagnosed at age 5 with a form of heart disease and a neck problem so severe that many specialists said that she would not live a long life or would suffer paralysis.

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Tori Spelling Brings Mimi LaRue to Book Signing

Mimi LaRue

Mimi LaRue

Pregnant Tori Spelling brought her family, son Liam and husband Dean, out to a cocktail party for the launch of her new book “sTORI Telling” in Los Angeles yesterday.

We were starting to wonder if Tori was going to be one of those women who you’d never see with her dog once she had a kid so we’re suprisingly pleased to see Mimi LaRue, her old pal, there too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Little LilyLike what Mimi LaRue is wearing? You can buy one from FunnyFur – it’s the Ally dress by Little Lily.


Tori Spelling Goes Back in Time with Dean, Liam and Mimi

Tori, Dean, Liam and Mimi

A costumed Tori Spelling with her husband Dean McDermott travel back in time รขโ‚ฌโ€œ to the roaring ’20s! รขโ‚ฌโ€œ as they film scenes Tuesday for an episode titled “Murder Mystery” for their Oxygen series, Tori and Dean: Inn Love.

That’s little Liam, their son and Mimi LaRue, Tori’s pug. I love that she keeps bringing her dog most places with her even though she’s had a child now.



Tori Spelling’s Dog, Mimi LaRue Lands a Page on Dogster

Tori Spelling and Mimi LaRue

Ooh la la! Look who got all high-tech and joined the online gang of dogs like Hilary Duff‘s dog, Lola… it’s Mimi LaRue, Tori Spelling‘s fashionable pug who now how her very own page with Dogster!

Can’t you just see it? Mimi typing furiously to update her page while mom and dad man the inn? ๐Ÿ˜‰

She even has a diary entitled, “Confessions from a Canine Drama Queen”.

Some of Mimi’s bio info includes:

Watching “Tori & Dean: Inn Love” on Tuesdays at 10p/9C on Oxygen! Leaving little “tootsie rolls” all over Chateau La Rue, ridin’ dirty in my blue stroller, sleeping to excess, playing dress-up in my extensive wardrobe, and being cute & chubby.

Doggy fashion faux pas.

Favorite Food:
Mommy’s red velvet cupcakes!

Favorite Walk:
Around Chateau La Rue.

Best Tricks:
Looking fierce 24/7!

My mommy and Step Daddy Dean’s B & B is named after me. I have bad hips & starred in “so NoTORIous.” I have a new baby brother, Liam Aaron. You can see me, Liam, Mommy, and Dean every Tuesday night in “Tori&Dean: Inn Love” on Oxygen.

Forums Motto:
Real b*tches have rolls

Her page can be found by going HERE.

Being the pet of a celebrity definitely has its perks. Mimi has more friends and has been given more bones and rosettes than my dogs!