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Vanessa Carlton & Victor for PETA

Vanessa Carlton

Songstress Vanessa Carlton is the latest celebrity lending her image to PETA’s ABC campaign. She appears in a classic black & white ad with her dog, Victor and sat down with PETA to share her thoughts about animal birth control.

PETA: Tell us a little bit about Victor. What are some of the things that you enjoy doing together?

Vanessa: Lord Victor is an extremely handsome little man. Though he is quite humble, he definitely has a mesmerizing effect on the ladies. He is a professional cuddler and world traveler. He’s overjoyed when we stumble upon a rare twig on the city sidewalks. He loves to gather these sticks and bring them home, where he then proceeds to chew them up and inevitably regurgitate them. Another pastime that we both enjoy is making cocktails. When he hears the clank of ice cubes, he rushes over to the freezer. I give him a cube, and he proudly prances over to his bed, where he revels in the crunchy goodness.

PETA: Why is PETA’s ABC campaign important to you?

Vanessa: Most of the most well-adjusted and emotionally balanced dogs and cats are the mixed breeds found in shelters. Even if you’re taking in an abused pet, the reward in rehabilitating the animal can be profound. I hope that this campaign will influence the way people buy and maintain their animals. Bottom line—always go to a shelter first. Personally, I think spaying and neutering should be an enforced law.


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Vanessa Carlton & Victor her dog

Update: Leave it to us to totally miss a key HUMAN in a photo, we’re always looking for the DOGS! Vanessa Carlton fan (or stalker, we’re not sure just yet), Casey Michaels just informed us that’s Irv Gotti behind Vanessa who is instrumental in getting her CD complete. Casey also informed us that Irv calls Vanessa “V” but the “V” necklace you see around his neck, doesn’t stand for Vanessa but rather for his late grandmother’s nickname. See what we mean? Stalker or fan? Either way, thanks Casey! 😉

Residents and pedestrians in the area of Lafayette Street and Bond Street were disturbed today by a frightening scene as a New York yellow cab performed a burnout. It accelerated and then collided with a piano at high speed, sending debris and smoke flying down Lafayette Street.

No, this wasn’t a crazy New York City situation. It was a carefully orchestrated stunt on the set of Vanessa Carlton‘s new video, Nolita Fairytale from her new CD Heroes & Thieves.

That’s her little dog, Victor walking near the set (or on the set, we’re not sure which) with her.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News