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Pamela Anderson’s New Puppy, Jo-Jo

Pamela Anderson new puppy, JoJo

We just discovered this entry in Pamela Anderson‘s official blog dated March 18th, 2007:

-I just lost my 17 yr old golden retriever today ‘STAR’… I’m at a turning point in my life – it’s been over a month of carrying him to the grass and holding him up to walk and pee and have some dignity… He has been with me since his birth…as long as I’ve been in LA.-

Her new golden retriever puppy she’s been seen with lately, like yesterday in the above photo on a beach in Malibu, is named Jo-Jo.

I think it’s great she has a new puppy to give love to.


Pamela Anderson’s Dog Gets Sick

Pamela Anderson

A distraught Pamela Anderson rushed her sick dog to the vets early Monday morning on February 12th.

The former Baywatch actress was seen taking her beloved pooch to a Malibu animal hospital. The medical emergency had obviously caught the blonde beauty by surprise as she appeared to have jumped straight out of bed, with dishevelled hair, a baggy cardigan and brown Ugg boots.

At present it is not yet known what’s wrong with the dog or which dog is ill. We hope to find out more info as the day goes on.