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Susan Rosetti: Nasir from the ‘Dog Whisperer’ is Alive and Well



Many of you have emailed us at CDW and/or left comments about your concern for Nasir, the gorgeous boerboel that Patti LaBelle needed help with that was featured on an episode of Cesar Milan‘s show, The Dog Whisperer.

Nasir pulled at so many heart strings and the question of how he was doing was often on all of our minds.

Thanks to Jen, a CDW reader, the six degrees of separation was narrowed and we received an email from Susan including many pictures to share of Nasir and all of her dogs.

Here’s the email she sent word for word:

Hi Kym!
My friend Jen (who is a frequent visitor to your site) has informed me that your readers are expressing concerns of our dog Nasir’s (the boerboel from the king kong/Patti Labelle episode of The Dog Whisperer)well being. I always get a warm feeling in my heart when I hear people are concerned and actively investigating any type of injustice done to any animal. However, despite the rumors, I would like to assure your readers that Nasir is doing wonderfully. We have had some bumps in the road, for Nasir is a very powerful dog with many issues, but with the continuous help of Cesar Milan (who we cannot thank enough) and hard work that Bobby, myself and our family and friends put in everyday, Nasir is adjusting nicely to his new environment and pack. We love our dogs very much and spend much time each day with them to make sure that they are mentally and physically stimulated and balanced. We have e-mailed you a bunch of pictures for your readers to view so that they can put their hearts and minds at ease and see for themselves that Nasir is alive, healthy, happy and enjoying his life with his new family.
Thank you, Susan Rosetti

Nasir looks well taken care of and very loved (as do all her dogs) as evident by even more photos below – we hope you enjoy them and we thank Susan for taking her time to send an update for everyone!

Nasir Nasir Nasir Nasir Nasir


Great News! Nasir Update from Susan Rosetti

Thanks to CDW reader Jen, she passed on info to her friend, dog trainer, Susan Rosetti that there were comments of concern about Nasir, the dog that Patti LaBelle once had who made quite popular from an episode on The Dog Whisperer.

Susan was kind enough to email us last night and sent us a lovely update with tons of photos. Nasir is alive and well and loving life from the looks of it!

Stay tuned for the email she sent along with photos!


Patti LaBelle and Nasir – More Info

Philadelphia Inquirer has a new article about Patti LaBelle and Nasir. At one point, before turning to Cesar Millan, LaBelle, even toyed with the idea of even putting Nasir down or giving the dog to her trainer… enter Cesar and things change for the better.

Patti LaBelle and Nasir will be on tomorrow’s episode of the Dog Whisperer.

Read the full article here.


Almost Bitten by Dog, Patti LaBelle Seeks Help from Dog Whisperer

Patti LaBelle

R&B superstar, Patti LaBelle, has called in Hollywood’s leading dog behavior expert to help her tame her wild pet, Nasir. The singer rescued the mutt four years ago when he was a puppy, but her love for the pooch turned to fear when the dog tried to attack her one day. LaBelle recalls, “I walked by one day and he really tried to get at me.”

The singer decided to call on TV’s Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, to help her tame Nasir for a new episode of his hit show on the National Geographic channel. On the show, which airs on February 2nd, Milan, who has helped many top stars control aggressive pets, says, “Nasir here is an insecure large-breed dog.”

Using his tried and tested techniques at his Dog Psychology Center, the dog expert managed to persuade his famous client to hand-feed her pet for the first time and then take him for a walk.

Update: Nasir is actually a South African boerboel, thanks to reader, Jen, for the factoid!